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5 June Current Affairs 2023 in English

5 June Current Affairs 2023 refers to the latest news and events happening around the world and are relevant to our daily lives. Staying updated with the 5 June Current Affairs 2023 is essential for students who are preparing for exams, especially competitive exams, as it forms an important part of the syllabus. The importance…

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5 June Current Affairs 2023 refers to the latest news and events happening around the world and are relevant to our daily lives. Staying updated with the 5 June Current Affairs 2023 is essential for students who are preparing for exams, especially competitive exams, as it forms an important part of the syllabus. The importance of the 5 June Current Affairs 2023 lies in its ability to help students enhance their general knowledge, improve their reading and comprehension skills, and develop their critical thinking abilities. 5 June Current Affairs 2023 also provides students with insights into various issues such as politics, economics, and social issues that are important for their overall development as informed citizens. Regularly reading and analyzing the 5 June Current Affairs 2023 not only helps students ace their exams but also prepares them for their future roles as responsible and well-informed citizens of society.

Maharashtra Cabinet Approves ‘Aai’ Tourism Policy and Women-Run Bike-Taxi Services

The Maharashtra Cabinet has approved the ‘Aai’ tourism policy and women-run bike-taxi services in tourist destinations. The policy aims to empower women in the tourism sector through entrepreneurship promotion, infrastructure development, safety measures, customized offerings, and financial support. A dedicated Women Tourism Policy Cell and a task force will oversee the policy’s implementation. Women-owned businesses will be registered, and insurance premium support will be provided. These initiatives enhance women’s role in tourism and prioritize their experience and safety. Read the complete article here

International Day for the Fight against Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated Fishing 2023

The International Day for the Fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing is observed worldwide on June 5th each year. It promotes sustainable fishing practices, protects the marine ecosystem, and raises awareness about the threats posed by unsustainable fishing practices. The day highlights the importance of addressing illegal fishing activities that jeopardize biodiversity and food security. It also advocates for an equitable future where hunger is eliminated, and communities can depend on marine resources for their livelihood.

The history of the day traces back to the recognition of the Agreement on Port State Measures as an international treaty in 2018. Ways to observe the day include joining awareness programs, fishing responsibly, and spreading awareness on social media. The day is crucial for creating a sustainable future, ensuring food security, and preserving marine life. Through collective efforts, a balance can be achieved between human needs and the preservation of the marine ecosystem for future generations. Read the complete article here

World Environment Day 2023

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th. It is the United Nation’s principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. The day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 to raise awareness about the need to protect the environment. Since then, it has grown to become a global platform for public outreach, with millions of people from all walks of life participating in activities to protect the planet.

World Environment Day holds immense significance as a global observance dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and encouraging action to protect our planet. It reminds us that the well-being of our environment is closely intertwined with our own well-being, and we must act responsibly to protect and preserve it for present and future generations. Read the complete article here

‘Kavach’-Automatic Train Protection System

The Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), now known as Kavach or “armor,” is India’s indigenous automatic protection system that has been under development since 2012. It aims to enhance railway safety by preventing train collisions. The Kavach system was rechristened and announced in the 2022 Union Budget as part of the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative.

After a tragic triple train crash in Balasore, Odisha, which resulted in the loss of nearly 290 lives and left over 900 passengers injured, it was confirmed by the railways that the trains involved in the accident did not have the ‘Kavach’ system installed. The absence of this system is believed to have contributed to the collision and the inability to prevent it. Read the complete article here

UAE to Host 2025 World Conservation Congress – A Global Gathering for Environmental Protection

The UAE has been chosen to host the prestigious 2025 World Conservation Congress (WCC) by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). With over 10,000 delegates from 160 countries expected to attend, this event highlights the UAE’s commitment to environmental protection. The congress will take place in Abu Dhabi from October 10-21, 2025, providing a platform for discussions on pressing environmental challenges and shaping future conservation efforts. The UAE’s rich conservation legacy and dedication to sustainability make it an ideal host for this significant event. Read the complete article here

RBI Imposes Rs 2.20 Crore Penalty on Indian Overseas Bank for Rule Violations

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has fined Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) with a monetary penalty of Rs 2.20 crore for violating various rules. The penalty was imposed due to the bank’s failure to transfer the mandatory minimum of 25 percent of its disclosed profit to its reserve fund and a significant discrepancy in reporting non-performing assets (NPAs). The RBI also found that IOB offered interest rates meant for senior/super senior citizens to non-individual customers in some cases.

Additionally, the bank did not implement control measures for ATMs regarding encryption within the specified timelines. After issuing notices and considering the bank’s responses, the RBI concluded that the violations were substantiated, resulting in the imposition of the penalty. This serves as a reminder for banks to comply with regulations and maintain transparency in financial operations, aiming to uphold the integrity of the banking system and protect the interests of customers and stakeholders. Read the complete article here

Dennis Francis Elected 78th UNGA President

Ambassador Dennis Francis, a distinguished diplomat from Trinidad and Tobago, has been appointed as the President of the 78th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). With an impressive career spanning nearly 40 years, Ambassador Dennis Francis will assume leadership of the UN’s principal policymaking body, commencing his term in September. His appointment was unanimously supported and celebrated during a ceremony held at the iconic General Assembly Hall at the UN Headquarters in New York.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres acknowledged the significant challenges facing the international community during Ambassador Dennis Francis’s tenure as President of the UNGA. He highlighted the presence of conflicts, climate change impacts, and growing poverty, hunger, and inequality, all while the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are becoming more difficult to achieve. Read the complete article here

Ahmednagar to be Renamed Ahilyadevi Nagar After 18th Century Queen Ahilyadevi Holkar

The Maharashtra government has made the decision to rename Ahmednagar district as Ahilyadevi Nagar, paying tribute to the renowned warrior-queen Ahilyadevi Holkar of the 18th century to mark her 298th birth anniversary. This follows previous renaming efforts by the Shinde-Fadnavis government, which resulted in the creation of Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar (formerly Aurangabad district) and Dharashiv (formerly Osmanabad district). The name change is in line with the state government’s policy of renaming places that were named after despotic Muslim rulers.

Ahmednagar was named after its founder, Ahmad Nizam Shah I, who established his Sultanate and made Ahmednagar its capital. The city was originally known as Bhingar before it was renamed Ahmednagar. The city carries the remnants of its glorious past while embracing the opportunities of the present.

Ahilyadevi Holkar, also known as Ahilyabai Holkar, was an influential 18th-century queen and ruler of the Malwa kingdom (around present-day Indore) in central India. She ruled for over three decades and was admired for her humility, compassion, and dedication to the welfare of her people. Her legacy as a progressive and visionary ruler continues to inspire generations in India. Read the complete article here

Mission Vatsalya – Empowering Children and Ensuring their Well-being

Mission Vatsalya is an initiative aligned with the SDGs to address development and child protection priorities. It focuses on child rights, strengthening the juvenile justice system, and promoting non-institutional care. The scheme includes improving statutory bodies, service delivery, and emergency outreach. It is implemented under the Ministry of Women and Child Development, with NIPCCD coordinating efforts. Mission Vatsalya aims to create a safe environment for children and ensure their well-being. Read the complete article here

NIRF Rankings 2023: IIT Madras Retains Top Spot for 5th Consecutive Year

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) rankings were announced today by the Minister of State for Education and External Affairs, Rajkumar Ranjan Singh. IIT Madras has once again secured the top spot in the overall category, maintaining its position for the fifth consecutive year. It has also been ranked as the best engineering institute for the eighth consecutive year. Despite a slightly lower score compared to the previous year (86.69 versus 87.59), the institution has successfully retained its top rank.

This year, a total of 5,543 unique institutions participated in the NIRF Rankings 2023, submitting 8,686 applications for ranking across different categories and domains. Among these, there were 2,478 applications in the overall category, 1,314 in Engineering, and 2,746 in General Degree Colleges. Read the complete article here


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Mission Vatsalya – Empowering Children and Ensuring their Well-being

Ahmednagar to be Renamed Ahilyadevi Nagar After 18th Century Queen Ahilyadevi Holkar

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