Bohag Bihu 2023, Date, History, Significance

Magh Bihu 2023

Bohag Bihu is one of the auspicious festivals of Assam. This day is also marked as the first day in Hindu Unisolar Calendar. It is celebrated during the beginning of the harvesting season. This year, Bohag Bihu 2023 celebrated on the 14th of April. It is also known as Rongali Bihu and is celebrated for seven days, i.e., from the 14th of April to the 20th of April.

Apart from Bohag Bihu, there are two other Bihu festivals celebrated by the Assamese: Kati Bihu and Magh Bihu. Kati Bihu is celebrated in October, and Magh Bihu is celebrated in January. 

The celebration of Bohag Bihu begins with young men and women dressed up in traditional attire where women wear a Mekhla saree, and men wear dhoti and Gamosa. They perform Bihu dance together on their folk songs to celebrate their culture. People love to celebrate this day with their friends and families and visit the Bihu fair. Various musical instruments like gogona, dhol, pepa, taal, and Toka are played, and traditional dance forms are performed.

Bihu Festival 2023

Bohag Bihu is also known as the Rongali Bihu which is celebrated on the 14th of April year as one of the major festivals in Assam. This celebration continues for 7 days in the month, i.e, from 14th April 2023 to 20th April 2023.

Bohag Bihu is an important day in Assamese culture, and people consider this day for making any investment decisions (if any). It is also the first day of the Hindu Unisolar calendar in other states as well. In West Bengal, it is called Pohela Boisakh, in Tamil Nadu, it is called Puthandu, in Punjab, it is called Baisakhi, and in Kerala, it is called Vishu

History of Bohag Bihu 

Bohag Bihu is one of the best grandeur and an ancient festival in Assam. During the time 3500 BC when people used to make fire sacrifices for a better harvest season in this festival. 

This festival originated from an Agrarian Tribe who lives in the northeastern part of the World. Thousand years back this Tribe used to celebrate the festival during this time as their auspicious festival. 

Significance Of Bohag Bihu 2023

Bohag Bihu 2023 is celebrated with grandness in Assam. People on this day take a holy bath with turmeric paste. They also wash their cows and leave them to roam around to seek blessings from their elders followed by the ritual called JalPaan. In Jalpaan, people take rice, curd, and jaggery for their breakfast. 

The festival of Bihu starts from Bohag Bihu. There are continuous 7 days of celebration and each day holds a different significance in the culture. Let’s talk about each of them separately:

  • Raati Bihu: People celebrate this day by seating under an ancient tree or in an open area by burning torches.
  • Chot Bihu: on this auspicious day, young men and women dress up in their traditional attires and celebrate this day with folk dance and songs.
  • Goru Bihu: The significance of this Bihu is it represents the livestock and agricultural roots of Assam. 
  • Manuh Bihu: This is the first day of the Vaisakh month in the Hindu Calendar. Young people take blessings from their elders and God. Then they visit their dear ones to wish them Happy New Year.
  • Kutum Bihu: This festival is when people enjoy the day with their friends and family and invite them to dinner. On this day Assamese people celebrate togetherness.  
  • Mela Bihu: Assam people love to celebrate their culture. Hence, on this day, various cultural and traditional events are held. 
  • Chera Bihu: This is the final day of Bohag Bihu. People take blessings from god and wish a happy and prosperous new year to each other. 


Q1: On which date is Bohag Bihu 2023?

Ans: Bohag Bihu 2023 is one 14th April. People celebrate this day with traditional food and cultural functions like folk dance and folk songs wearing traditional attire. 

Q2: How is Bohag Bihu celebrated?

Ans: Bohag Bihu is celebrated with immense excitement and happiness, and people enjoy the day with their friends and family, participating in Bihu dance and singing traditional songs.

Q3: What is the significance of Bohag Bihu?

Ans: On this day, people take a holy bath with turmeric paste. They also bathe their cows and let them roam around to seek blessings from their elders, which is followed by the JalPaan ritual. 

Q4: What is the history of Bohag Bihu?

Ans: This celebration was founded by an Agrarian Tribe from the world’s northeastern region. This Tribe used to celebrate the event during this period as their auspicious festival thousands of years ago.


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