Tamil Nadu’s Cumbum Grapes Get GI Tag

Cumbum Grapes GI Tag

In April 2023, the famous Cumbum Panneer Thratchai of Tamil Nadu, also known as Cumbum grapes received the GI (Geographical Indication) Tag. The Cumbum Valley which in Tamil Nadu is also known as the ‘Grapes City of South India’, cultivates the Panneer Thratchai. This variety is also called Muscat Hamburg which constitutes around 85% of grape-growing areas in Tamil Nadu.

Cumbum Grapes: Production & Cultivation

One of Panneer Thratchai’s highest grape-producing regions is the Theni district. The ‘Panneer’ type, however, is mostly connected to Cumbum Valley, where cultivation takes place across 2,000 acres in 10 towns. The Cumbum region’s agricultural climate and soil quality are ideal for the growth of the Muscat varietal. Because of this variety’s fast growth and early maturity, the harvest is accessible on the market for almost the entire year.

The flavour of the natural fruit is enhanced by the rich soil and water of the region. The grape bunches range in size from medium to big and are compact in shape. The grapes produced can be used to make wine, liquor, jams, raisins, and canned grape juice.

Cumbum Grapes: History & Health Benefits

The history of Cumbum grapes is quite interesting. In 1832, a French priest brought the Panneer grapes to Tamil Nadu for the first time.

There are many health benefits of these grapes like it lowers the risk of various chronic illnesses since they are high in vitamins, tartaric acid, and antioxidants. They are renowned for having excellent flavour as well.

Cumbum Grapes GI Tag

A product’s origin and quality are identified by a Geographical Indication (GI) tag, a type of intellectual property right that is used to identify goods produced in certain geographical areas. A GI tag’s main goal is to safeguard a product’s traditional knowledge, cultural history, and reputation while also highlighting its economic worth. The following are some advantages of wearing a GI tag:

Protection from abuse and imitation: A GI tag guarantees that a product made in a certain area is safe from misuse and imitation. It safeguards the product’s reputation and authenticity by preventing third parties from exploiting the name of the product or the region to advertise their products.

Quality assurance: Consumers are given reassurance about the product’s quality and authenticity by a GI tag. It guarantees that the product is made according to established quality standards and utilises conventional methods.

Increased marketability: A GI tag makes a product more marketable by providing it with a distinctive identity and enhancing its appeal to customers. Additionally, it creates fresh marketing chances on a national and worldwide scale.

Economic advantages: A GI tag may help a place flourish economically by stimulating tourism, creating job possibilities, and raising the income of nearby villages.

Traditional knowledge preservation: A GI tag aids in the preservation of the traditional knowledge and cultural heritage connected to the product. Additionally, it promotes the adoption of conventional techniques and procedures, which are frequently more environmentally friendly and durable.

In conclusion, a GI tag offers security, the guarantee of quality, marketability, and economic advantages, and aids in the preservation of traditional knowledge related to the product.

Cumbum Grapes GI Tag – FAQS

Q1: How many GI tags are there in Tamilnadu?

Ans: Darjeeling Tea received the GI label for the first time in India in 2004–2005. Karnataka, with 48 goods, has the most GI tags, followed by Tamil Nadu (42).

Q2: Which 5 states have maximum GI tags?

Ans: India’s top 5 states with the most GI tags are Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Kerala.

Q3: Which product got a GI tag in Tamilnadu?

Ans: Cumbum grapes in Tamilnadu has received Gl tag.


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