Utsa Patnaik selected for Malcolm Adiseshiah Award 2023

Malcolm Adiseshiah Award

A renowned economist with both domestic and international recognition, Utsa Patnaik, has been chosen to receive the esteemed Malcolm Adiseshiah Award in 2023. The Malcolm & Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust presents the prize each year, and exceptional social scientists are chosen from the nominees by a national jury. The winner of the award will be presented with a citation and a cash reward of 2 lakh during a ceremony in Chennai. The Trust will shortly announce the date of the event. Prabhat Patnaik, an Indian economist, received the Malcolm Adiseshiah Award in 2022.

About Malcolm Adiseshiah Award

One of India’s most esteemed national prizes, it acknowledges and recognises the exceptional contributions made by social scientists to the field of development studies.
The Malcolm and Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust was established in 2000. A mid-career social scientist who has made exceptional contributions to development studies via research, teaching, policy advocacy, or public service receives the Award each year.

The reward includes a citation and Rs 2 lakh rupees in cash. A nationwide jury assembled by the Malcolm & Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust from the submitted nominees decides who receives the prize.

About Utsa Patnaik

Utsa Patnaik is a well-known economist with both national and international recognition who has made important advances in the study of colonialism and imperialism, political economy, history of economic theory, and agricultural studies. Agrarian relations, peasant movements, food security, eradicating poverty, fiscal and trade policy, the debt crisis, globalisation, neoliberalism, capitalism, socialism, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism (MLM), Indian economic history, and global economic history are just a few of the topics she has written about in her books and articles on development economics.

Q1: Who is Utsa Patnaik?

Ans: Utsa Patnaik is a well-known economist who has achieved both national and international acclaim. She has made significant contributions to the fields of political economy, agricultural studies, history of economic theory, and the study of colonialism and imperialism.

Q2: What is Malcolm Adiseshiah Award?

Ans: Every year, one outstanding social scientist is awarded the prize by the Malcolm and Elizabeth Adiseshiah Trust after being nominated by a specially assembled national panel.

Q3: Who is selected for Malcolm Adiseshiah Award 2023?

Ans: The 2023 recipient of the Malcolm Adiseshiah Award is famous economist Utsa Patnaik, who has won praise on both a national and international scale.


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