World Art Day 2023, Check History, Significance and Why it is Celebrates on April 15

World Art Day 2023

World Art Day 2023 is celebrated on the 15th of April every year to honour the birthday of the greatest artist Italian Polymath Leonardo Da Vinci. In 2012, UNESCO’s General Conference declared 15th April as World Art Day.

Art always encourages you to be very creative, innovative, and culturally diverse as an individual. It is evident that art plays a very important role in exchanging information, and encourages discussion, and curiosity. However, it is also important that the freedom of the artists is preserved, and secure the conditions which support and protect the artists. 

World Art Day 2023: History 

In 2012, the first World Art Day was celebrated to honour the renowned artist, Leonardo Da Vinci on his birthday. The General Assembly of the Internation Association of Art in 2012 established April 15 as World Art Day.

Leonardo Da Vinci was recognised as a symbol of freedom of expression, multiculturalism, World peace, and tolerance. He was known for his expressive art which depicts information about any culture or moment. 

The first World Art Day was supported by the National Committees of the International Association of Art. The objective of the inaugural event was to promote the inclusivity of art and honour 150 artists from countries all around the World. 

The inaugural event celebration included extended museum hours and conferences. The outdoor art exhibition at the event included various art forms like sculptures, paintings, prints, and videos. 

World Art Day 2023: Significance

The significance of World Art Day, April 15 is that it coincides with Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday. The representation of tolerance, peace, brotherhood, and freedom of expression is celebrated through art on this auspicious day. 

Art signifies a multifaceted medium which fosters creativity in every form and it is valued all over the world. Museums in various parts of the World include many well-known arts created by various artists all around the World. 

Art is a form or rather an important part of documenting history along with educating people regarding past cultures and beliefs. There are more than 2 million professional artists including various forms of arts working in the United States for their living as per the National Endowment for the Arts. 

Various forms include floral designers, graphic artists, fashion designers, and architects. Writers, and animators. They make up the maximum percentage of artists in the country. 

Why World Art Day is Celebrated on April 15

UNESCO’s General Conference has declared April 15 as World Art Day to celebrate and honour Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday. He was a very well-known artist whose art creations are famous for their way of depiction. 

There are many advantages which artists receive through their art:

  • Art encourages the desire to learn and also enhances creativity among people 
  • Art also improves coordination between hand and eye, develops concentration power, and problem-solving skill 
  • It promotes emotional intelligence and also aids in expressing any complicated emotions
  • Art helps in establishing communities which will break down religious riots and racial stereotypes.  
  • There is an extreme improvement in self-esteem among the artists. The art form is very motivational and also therapeutic for mental health. 
  • Art helps in stimulating the senses and also allows artists to see various things in a new way. 

World Art Day 2023 – FAQs

Q1: Why is World Art Day celebrated on 15 April?

Ans: Every year on April 15, World Art Day events serve to strengthen the links between creative works and the community, raise awareness of the wide range of artistic expressions, and recognise artists’ efforts to the advancement of society.

Q2: What is the theme of World Art Day 2023?

Ans: Every year on April 15, the world celebrates World Art Day. This year’s celebration is themed “Art is good for the health.”

Q3: Why is art awareness important?

Ans: Art appreciation is incredibly important for a variety of reasons. It is an excellent approach to learning about the work’s history and the period in which it was created. Artists’ art frequently reflects their struggles as well as societal challenges.

Q4: What is the history of World Art Day?

Ans: The date was chosen to honour Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday. Da Vinci was chosen to represent global harmony, freedom of speech, tolerance, unity, and diversity, as well as the value of art in other professions.


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