World Hemophilia Day 2023, Check History, Significance, Theme

World Hemophilia Day 2023

April 17 is observed as World Hemophilia Day every year in honour of Frank Schnabel’s birthday, the World Federation of Hemophilia founder. This day serves as increasing awareness and educating people regarding the disease and other bleeding disorders. 

Hemophilia is a rare blood disorder which restricts blood clotting and results in severe bleeding during surgeries and even injuries. There are two major missing crucial factors in the blood of Hemphilic patients, which are Factor VIII and Factor IX. 

Generally, Minor cuts are not a major concern. However, Internal bleeding can be life-threatening. 

World Hemophilia Day 2023: History

World Federation of Hemophilia was established in the year 1989. The first World Hemophilia Day was observed this year to spread awareness of this disease and educate people on other bleeding disorders as well. 

April 17 was chosen for the awareness of Hemophilia to honour the birthday of Frank Schnabel. He was born in 1942 and he was known to dedicate his whole life to making the lives of patients better who are struggling with bleeding disorders. 

World Hemophilia Day 2023: Significance

Generally, when an individual experiences any wound internally or externally, the blood cells create a clot around that wound to stop further bleeding. The process of blood clotting includes platelet cells in the blood. 

In the case of Hemophilia patients, there is a deficiency of clotting factors. The disease can be present from birth or it can develop later in life. 

Hemophilia is a very uncommon disease which is non-curable. However, specific treatments for patients can help in controlling the damage caused by the disease. 

According to the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), the initial symptoms of hemophilia may vary from person to person. It can include the following indications:

  • Frequent nose bleeding
  • Bleeding from mouth and gums 
  • Blood in stool
  • Bleeding after vaccination and other injections
  • Blood in urine
  • Bleeding after a circumcision
  • Bleeding into joints

World Hemophilia Day 2023: Theme

The theme of World Hemophilia Day 2023 is introduced to guide people on how they can spread awareness on controlling and preventing blood loss of these patients in their community. 

“Access for All: Partnership, Policy, Progress – Engaging Governments to Integrate Inherited Bleeding Disorders into National Policy” is the theme for World Hemophilia Day in 2023.

This subject emphasises the value of cooperation and partnerships among diverse stakeholders, including governments, to make sure that people with haemophilia and other hereditary bleeding disorders have access to the right care and treatment.

In order to better the diagnosis, treatment, and management of various diseases, this matter also highlights the necessity of incorporating these conditions into national policy.

World Hemophilia Day 2023 – FAQs

Q1: Why do we Celebrate Hemophilia Day?

Ans: To raise awareness of haemophilia and to honour Frank Schnabel, the World Haemophilia Federation was established in 1989. This day is observed all around the world to increase public awareness of haemophilia and other bleeding diseases.

Q2: When is National Hemophilia Day?

Ans: Every year on April 17, people worldwide observe World Haemophilia Day.

Q3: What is the theme of World Hemophilia Day?

Ans: The subject of World Haemophilia Day in 2023 is “Access for All: Partnership, Policy, Progress – Engaging Governments to Integrate Inherited Bleeding Disorders into National Policy.”

Q4: Why is it called Hemophilia?

Ans: “Love of blood”, which is the disease’s etymological meaning, was proposed as the term to define the disease by a medical book in 1828.


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