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12 June Current Affairs 2023 in English

12 June Current Affairs 2023 refers to the latest news and events happening around the world and are relevant to our daily lives. Staying updated with the 12 June Current Affairs 2023 is essential for students who are preparing for exams, especially competitive exams, as it forms an important part of the syllabus. The importance…

By Pritipalit

12 June Current Affairs 2023 refers to the latest news and events happening around the world and are relevant to our daily lives. Staying updated with the 12 June Current Affairs 2023 is essential for students who are preparing for exams, especially competitive exams, as it forms an important part of the syllabus. The importance of the 12 June Current Affairs 2023 lies in its ability to help students enhance their general knowledge, improve their reading and comprehension skills, and develop their critical thinking abilities. 12 June Current Affairs 2023 also provides students with insights into various issues such as politics, economics, and social issues that are important for their overall development as informed citizens. Regularly reading and analyzing the 12 June Current Affairs 2023 not only helps students ace their exams but also prepares them for their future roles as responsible and well-informed citizens of society.

Microsoft & AirJaldi Networks Collaborate to Bring High-Speed Internet to Rural India

Microsoft has partnered with AirJaldi Networks to launch the “Contentful Connectivity” program, aiming to expand high-speed internet and meaningful connectivity in rural areas of India. The three-year initiative focuses on broadband adoption, digital transformation, and uplifting underserved communities. The program includes expanding AirJaldi Networks to three new states, strengthening infrastructure, providing skilling and education programs, developing IoT-based solutions, and establishing partnerships for sustainability. Antony Cook from Microsoft emphasizes the importance of internet access and digital skills, while Michael Ginguld from AirJaldi Networks expresses enthusiasm for the partnership. The collaboration is part of the Microsoft Airband initiative, which aims to bring transformative connectivity to underserved communities globally. Read the complete article here

World Day Against Child Labour 2023 observed on 12 June

World Day Against Child Labour is an annual observance held on June 12 to highlight the plight of child labourers and to promote efforts to eliminate child labour. The day was first proclaimed by the International Labour Organization (ILO) in 2002.

World Day Against Child Labour, observed on June 12th, serves as a catalyst for the global movement against child labour. The theme for the 2023 World Day is ‘Social Justice for All. End Child Labour!’, highlighting the link between social justice and the eradication of child labour.

Over the years, World Day Against Child Labour has contributed to increased global attention on child labour issues and has played a crucial role in driving collective action to eradicate this violation of children’s rights. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges and the need for sustained efforts to create a world free from child labour. Read the complete article here

New Research about the Ancient Human Species Homo Naledi Creates Controversy

A recent study has brought forth intriguing findings regarding Homo Naledi, an ancient human species. The study suggests that despite having brains significantly smaller than modern humans, Homo Naledi demonstrated behaviors such as burial practices and the creation of engravings within a cave system in southern Africa approximately 300,000 years ago. These findings challenge the notion that larger brain size is solely indicative of higher intelligence.

Homo Naledi is a fascinating species of human that was discovered in 2013 within the Rising Star cave system, a significant UNESCO World Heritage Site located in South Africa. The discovery yielded an impressive collection of remains, including those of at least 15 individuals spanning various age groups, such as adults, juveniles, and infants. Read the complete article here

RBI & Central Government Collaborate to Strengthen Urban Co-operative Banks

  1. Opening New Branches: UCBs can expand their reach without RBI approval, strengthening their presence.
  2. Streamlining Lending Practices: UCBs can offer One Time Settlements (OTS) like commercial banks, improving debt recovery.
  3. Extension of Priority Sector Lending Targets: UCBs have additional time to meet targets, supporting inclusive economic growth.
  4. Designation of Nodal Officer: A dedicated RBI contact enhances communication and coordination with UCBs.

These measures bolster UCBs, foster growth, and enhance the financial sector. Read the complete article here

French Open 2023: Novak Djokovic beats Casper Ruud to win his 23rd Grand Slam Title

Novak Djokovic achieved a remarkable milestone in men’s tennis by winning his 23rd Grand Slam title at the French Open. This victory allowed him to surpass his rival Rafael Nadal and secure the record for the most major singles trophies in men’s tennis history. Djokovic’s triumph also made him the first man to win each of the four Grand Slam tournaments at least three times. In the final, he defeated Casper Ruud with a score of 7-6(1), 6-3, 7-5, showcasing his exceptional skills on the court. With this win, Djokovic joined Serena Williams in holding the record for the most Grand Slam titles by any player in the Open Era. Furthermore, his victory propelled him back to the top spot in the world rankings. Read the complete article here

China’s Advancement in Hypersonic Technology – JF-22 Wind Tunnel

China achieves hypersonic technology milestone with JF-22 wind tunnel. The JF-22 wind tunnel, located in Beijing’s Huairou district, plays a crucial role in China’s hypersonic ambitions by simulating flight conditions up to Mach 30. Wind tunnels like the JF-22 are vital for studying the challenges of hypersonic flight and developing innovative technologies. The JF-22 stands out with its innovative approach to generating airflow using shock wave technology. Thoroughly validated by experts, the JF-22 is at the forefront of hypersonic research, alongside the JF-12 wind tunnel. This milestone propels China’s aerospace technology advancements, shaping the future of high-speed travel and defense capabilities. Read the complete article here

IndiGo CEO Pieter Elbers to Chair IATA Board of Governors

IndiGo, a leading Indian airline, has appointed its CEO, Pieter Elbers, as the chair-elect of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Board of Governors. This elevates IndiGo’s global influence and reflects India’s growing presence in the aviation industry. With a focus on enhancing the passenger experience, IndiGo continues to shape India’s aviation landscape. IATA sets industry standards, manages airfares, and advocates for airline interests. Together, IndiGo and IATA contribute to a safer, more sustainable, and customer-centric aviation industry. Read the complete article here

Kilauea Volcano Erupted on Hawaii’s Big Island

In the early morning of June 7th, the Kilauea volcano located on Hawaii’s Big Island erupted, as reported by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). However, the USGS has since downgraded the safety alert level for the volcano. The alert level has been changed from “WARNING” to “WATCH” due to a decrease in effusion rates and the absence of any threat to infrastructure. The previous warning has been lowered to a watch, indicating a lesser level of concern. Additionally, aviation warnings have shifted from red to orange, indicating a lower level of volcanic activity. Read the complete article here

INS Trishul Celebrated Gandhi’s ‘Satyagraha’ in Durban, South Africa

In a special celebration held in Durban, South Africa, the Indian Navy warship INS Trishul paid homage to Mahatma Gandhi and his significant Satyagraha movement. The event served as a tribute to Gandhi’s ideals of non-violence, justice, and equality, which continue to inspire people around the world. The INS Trishul also commemorated the 130th anniversary of an event that took place on June 7, 1893, at the Pietermaritzburg railway station. This event marked the eviction of Mahatma Gandhi from a train, which played a pivotal role in shaping his fight against discrimination. The ceremony served as a reminder of the historical significance of Gandhi’s struggle and his enduring legacy. Read the complete article here

G20 SAI Summit in Goa – India’s Auditing Chief Assumes Leadership Role

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India, Shri Girish Chandra Murmu, holds the Chair of the Supreme Audit Institutions-20 (SAI20) Engagement Group during India’s G20 Presidency. The upcoming SAI20 Summit in Goa will gather delegates from SAI20 member SAIs, Guest SAIs, Invited SAIs, International Organizations, Engagement Groups, and other invitees. Sixteen countries will attend the event in person. The summit focuses on priority areas such as the Blue Economy and Responsible AI, promoting collaboration, fostering accountability, and enhancing global governance practices. It aligns with India’s guiding philosophy of “One Earth, One Family, and One Future” and aims to guide future audits and contribute to sustainable development and technological advancement. Read the complete article here


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World Day Against Child Labour 2023 observed on 12 June

RBI & Central Government Collaborate to Strengthen Urban Co-operative Banks

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