Indian Railways’ Affordable Meals for General Coaches: A Welcoming Step

Enhancing Food Services for Passengers

Indian Railways has introduced a commendable initiative to provide economical and hygienic meals to passengers in general coaches. Priced at Rs.20 for a meal and Rs.50 for snacks, this move aims to expand food and beverage services for the convenience of travelers.

Key Details: Healthy Food at Service Counters

Passengers in general coaches can now enjoy healthy and hygienic meals supplied from the IRCTC’s kitchen at affordable prices. The service counters will be located near the platforms, making it easily accessible for passengers.

Objective: Catering to Overcrowded Coaches

The primary objective of this initiative is to cater to the needs of passengers traveling in general coaches, which are often crowded. By offering economical meals and snacks, Indian Railways aims to enhance the overall travel experience.

Categories of Meals: Providing Choices

The meals are categorized into two options to suit the preferences of passengers:

  1. Rs.20 Meal: This option includes seven pooris, dry aloos, and pickle, priced at Rs.20.
  2. Rs.50 Snacks: The second option offers an assortment of South Indian food items like rajma, rice, chhole, khichdi, bhature, kulche, pav bhaji, and masala dosa, priced at Rs.50.

Conclusion: Improving Travel Comfort

Indian Railways’ initiative to provide affordable and healthy meals in general coaches is a significant step towards enhancing the comfort of passengers during their journeys. By offering varied meal choices, this initiative aims to make train travel more enjoyable and convenient for all travelers.

Affordable Meals for General Coaches – FAQs

Q1: What is Indian Railways’ new initiative for general coach passengers?

Ans: Indian Railways has launched a programme to offer economical, wholesome meals and snacks to passengers in common coaches.

Q2: Where can passengers access these affordable meals and snacks?

Ans: The extended service counters will be close to the platforms and give passengers easy access to the meals and refreshments.

Q3: What types of meals are provided under this initiative?

Ans: Meals fall into two kinds. For Rs. 20, customers can purchase seven pooris, dry aloos, and pickle from the first category, while Rs. 50 can be spent on a variety of South Indian dishes such rajma, rice, chhole, khichdi, bhature, kulche, pav bhaji, and masala dosa.


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