Launch of ‘Akshar River Cruise’ on Sabarmati Riverfront by Union Home Minister Amit Shah

Akshar River Cruise

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s relentless efforts over the past nine years have yielded significant results, positioning India as a leading force across various domains. Through initiatives such as Garib Kalyan, Bharat Gaurav, Bharat Utkarsh, and infrastructure development, Prime Minister Modi has ushered in a new era of progress and development for the entire nation. Furthermore, his visionary approach to tourism has transformed Gujarat’s landscape, with the iconic Sabarmati Riverfront attracting global recognition. A recent addition to this remarkable transformation is the ‘Akshar River Cruise,’ a testament to India’s prowess in innovation and manufacturing.

Revolutionizing Gujarat’s Tourism:

During his tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi pioneered the concept of riverfront development in India. The renowned Sabarmati Riverfront, conceptualized and realized under his leadership, has become a symbol of Gujarat’s tourism industry, gaining acclaim not only within India but across the globe. The riverfront has not only raised the water level but has also emerged as a vibrant hub for diverse social and cultural activities catering to people of all age groups.

The Launch of ‘Akshar River Cruise’:

Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation Shri Amit Shah recently inaugurated the ‘Made in India Akshar River Cruise’ on the Sabarmati Riverfront. This project, developed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Corporation Limited, aims to provide a novel experience to both the citizens of Ahmedabad and tourists. Shri Amit Shah emphasized that the visionary idea of the riverfront was conceived by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his tenure as the Chief Minister. The Akshar River Cruise, a luxurious catamaran built in India under the Make in India initiative at a cost of ₹15 crore, is expected to attract visitors with its state-of-the-art features and comfortable amenities.

A Center for Tourism and Entertainment:

The Akshar River Cruise, with a capacity to accommodate 165 passengers, features a restaurant and is equipped with 180 life safety jackets, fire safety measures, and an emergency rescue boat. Shri Amit Shah highlighted that Prime Minister Modi has always prioritized the development of tourism in Gujarat and Ahmedabad. Through significant investments, the tourism ecosystem in Gujarat has flourished, encompassing improved connectivity, enhanced pilgrimage routes, and upgraded airport access to tourist destinations.

Gujarat’s Rising Prominence:

Shri Amit Shah also underscored the transformative impact of Prime Minister Modi’s initiatives on Gujarat’s tourism landscape. Notable achievements include the inauguration of a light and sound show at Ambaji, the hoisting of the flag at Pavagadh temple after 500 years, the national recognition of Madhavpur fair, and the establishment of a tent city in White Rann, Kutch, for the international tourists. These developments, along with the construction of the Kankaria pond and the Sabarmati Riverfront, have contributed to the creation of a robust tourism ecosystem. Shri Shah further emphasized that initiatives such as the Sarhad Darshan Programme have offered Gujarat’s youth an opportunity to witness the valor and dedication of security forces at Nadabet, fostering a sense of national pride.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tireless endeavors over the past nine years have propelled India towards global excellence in various sectors. His commitment to initiatives like Garib Kalyan, Bharat Gaurav, Bharat Utkarsh, and infrastructure development has reshaped the nation’s development landscape. Moreover, his visionary approach to tourism has revolutionized Gujarat’s industry, with the Sabarmati Riverfront serving as a testament to his transformative leadership. The launch of the ‘Akshar River Cruise’ further cements India’s position as a formidable force in innovation and manufacturing. As the results of Prime Minister Modi’s efforts become increasingly evident, India marches confidently toward becoming a global leader in all realms.

Akshar River Cruise – FAQs

Q1: What initiatives has Prime Minister Narendra Modi undertaken to make India a global leader?

Ans: In order to advance India towards global leadership, Prime Minister Modi has introduced programs like Garib Kalyan, Bharat Gaurav, and Bharat Utkarsh and put a strong emphasis on infrastructure development.

Q2: What are some notable achievements in Gujarat’s tourism sector under Prime Minister Modi’s leadership?

Ans: The introduction of a light and sound show at Ambaji, the hoisting of the flag at Pavagadh temple after 500 years, the designation of Madhavpur fair as a national event, and the construction of a tent city in White Rann, Kutch, to house foreign tourists are just a few examples of the significant changes in Gujarat’s tourism industry.

Q3: How has Prime Minister Modi’s vision impacted Gujarat’s tourism ecosystem?

Ans: The Sabarmati Riverfront and other tourist developments, among Prime Minister Modi’s initiatives, have helped Gujarat develop a strong tourism ecosystem. This ecosystem provides a variety of amenities, activities, and attractions that have increased both domestic and international visitor traffic.


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