Amarendu Prakash takes charge as SAIL Chairman

Amarendu Prakash has assumed the role of Chairman and Managing Director of Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) starting from May 31. He previously served as the Director (In-charge) of SAIL’s Bokaro steel plant. Prakash played a key role in driving the business transformation and financial turnaround of SAIL, leading the company from a three-year streak of losses between FY16 and FY18 to a profitable position in FY19.

Introducing Amarendu Prakash

Amarendu Prakash is the newly appointed Chairman and Managing Director of SAIL. Prior to this position, he served as the Director (In-charge) of SAIL’s Bokaro steel plant. With his expertise and leadership, Prakash has contributed significantly to the success of SAIL and has played a crucial role in the turnaround of the company’s financial performance.

Under his leadership, the Bokaro Steel Plant has achieved remarkable results, consistently breaking production records in FY22 and FY23. Prakash has demonstrated his ability to drive growth and lead teams effectively, making him a valuable asset to SAIL.

History of SAIL

The Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) is a prominent steel-making company in India, established on January 19, 1954, with its headquarters in New Delhi. SAIL was created as a public sector undertaking (PSU) under the Ministry of Steel, Government of India, with the objective of promoting steel development and production in the country.

The establishment of SAIL can be traced back to the First Five-Year Plan (1951-1956) of India, which recognized the importance of a robust steel industry to support industrialization and infrastructure development. Hindustan Steel Limited (HSL) was formed in 1954 and later became the flagship company of SAIL.

Over the years, SAIL has played a vital role in the growth and development of the Indian steel industry. It expanded its operations by setting up integrated steel plants in different parts of the country. Initially focusing on Bhilai, Rourkela, and Durgapur, these plants became the backbone of the Indian steel industry, meeting the increasing demand for steel.

Expansion and Growth

During the 1970s and 1980s, SAIL embarked on an extensive expansion plan to increase its steel production capacity. It established new steel plants, including Bokaro Steel Plant in Jharkhand, Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Plant in Karnataka, Salem Steel Plant in Tamil Nadu, and Alloy Steels Plant in West Bengal. These additions further strengthened SAIL’s position and contributed to the growth of the Indian steel industry.


With Amarendu Prakash taking charge as the Chairman and Managing Director of SAIL, the company is poised for continued growth and success. Prakash’s expertise and leadership skills will drive SAIL forward, building on its rich history and contributions to the Indian steel industry. SAIL remains committed to its mission of promoting steel production and supporting the development of the country’s infrastructure.

Amarendu Prakash takes charge as SAIL Chairman – FAQs

Q1: Who is Amarendu Prakash?

Ans: Amarendu Prakash has just been named the Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL)’s chairman and managing director. He has been instrumental in guiding the corporate transformation and financial turnaround of SAIL. He was previously the Director (In-Charge) of SAIL’s Bokaro steel factory.

Q2: What is the significance of Amarendu Prakash’s appointment as SAIL Chairman?

Ans: The nomination of Amarendu Prakash as chairman of SAIL is a testament to his outstanding leadership abilities and record of bringing about positive change inside the company. He effectively oversaw the Bokaro steel factory and was crucial to SAIL’s turnaround in terms of its financial situation. It is anticipated that his hiring will help the business maintain its success and growth.

Q3: What can be expected under the leadership of Amarendu Prakash as SAIL Chairman?

Ans: Amarendu Prakash will continue to build and advance SAIL under his leadership. His track record of leading business transformation and financial turnaround would be crucial in enhancing the performance of the organisation. Prakash’s ability to lead and dedication to excellence would assist SAIL improve its standing in the Indian steel sector.


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