C.A. Bhavani Devi Secures India’s First-Ever Medal at Asian Fencing Championships

In an extraordinary feat, C.A. Bhavani Devi, an Olympian hailing from Chennai, created history by clinching India’s first-ever medal at the Asian fencing championships held in Wuxi, China. With her exceptional performance and unwavering determination, Bhavani earned a well-deserved bronze medal in this prestigious event.

Bhavani’s Semifinal Encounter

In an exhilarating and closely fought semifinal match, Bhavani Devi went head-to-head against Zaynab Dayibekova from Uzbekistan. The intense battle concluded with a narrow defeat for Bhavani, losing by a mere point with a score of 14-15. While she missed the chance to claim the gold medal, her remarkable performance ensured India’s inaugural medal at the Asian fencing championships.

Conquering the Reigning World Champion

Before reaching the semifinals, Bhavani Devi achieved a stunning victory in the quarterfinals against Misaki Emura, the reigning world champion from Japan. Displaying immense skill and determination, Bhavani defeated Misaki with a remarkable score of 15-10. This triumph against such a high-caliber opponent solidified her place in the annals of fencing history. Misaki had won the women’s sabre gold medal at the 2022 World Fencing Championships held in Cairo, Egypt.

Bhavani’s Journey to the Olympics

Bhavani Devi’s accomplishments go beyond the Asian fencing championships. She holds the distinction of being the first Indian fencer to qualify for the Summer Olympic Games. Representing India at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Bhavani showcased her exceptional talent and unwavering determination on the global stage.

An Introduction to Fencing

Fencing, a combat sport involving sword fighting, has an intriguing history. Originating as a form of military training, it gradually evolved into a competitive sport during the 15th century. In modern fencing, there are three disciplines: the foil, the épée, and the sabre, each utilizing a different type of blade and following specific rules.

The Development of Fencing in India

The growth of fencing in India can be attributed to the establishment of the Fencing Association of India in 1974, which received recognition from the Indian Government in 1997. Over the years, Indian fencers like Bhavani Devi have exhibited tremendous dedication and skill, contributing to the sport’s recognition and advancement within the country.


C.A. Bhavani Devi’s historic achievement at the Asian fencing championships in Wuxi, China, not only secured India’s first-ever medal but also highlighted her exceptional talent and determination. Her journey to the Olympics and the progress of fencing in India underscore the growth and recognition of the sport, thanks to the efforts of skilled athletes like Bhavani.

India’s First-Ever Medal at Asian Fencing Championships – FAQs

Q1: Who is C.A. Bhavani Devi?

Ans: At the Asian Fencing Championships in Wuxi, China, Olympian C.A. Bhavani Devi of Chennai won India’s first-ever medal, making history. She performed exceptionally well, and her perseverance helped her win a bronze medal.

Q2: How did Bhavani Devi perform in the semifinals?

Ans: The semifinal match with Bhavani Devi was exciting and fiercely contested. She competed against Uzbek Zaynab Dayibekova, who she nearly lost to 14–15. Despite the fact that she was denied the chance to win the gold medal, her performance made sure that India won its first medal at the Asian Fencing Championships.

Q3: How has fencing developed in India?

Ans: The founding of the Fencing Association of India in 1974, which was recognised by the Indian Government in 1997, is responsible for the growth of fencing in India. Devoted fencers like Bhavani Devi have helped the sport develop and gain prominence in the nation throughout the years.


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