BCAS Organizes Aviation Security Culture Week

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), under the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA), has commenced the ‘Aviation Security Culture Week’ at its headquarters in New Delhi. The event will run until 5th August 2023, with the theme “See it, Say it, Secure it.” The objective of this week is to raise awareness among passengers about the prohibited items they should not carry while traveling, emphasizing the importance of aviation security culture for safe and secure air travel.

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The event had Capt. Shri Devi Sharan, a senior aviator and instructor in Air India, and Shri Anil Sharma, head of the cabin team and chief purser of the hijacked flight IC-814 in 1999, as special guests. Both shared their experiences and praised BCAS for its efforts in ensuring the safety of air travel.

  • The government is committed to gradually introducing body scanners at all major airports in the next one and a half years.
  • The focus is on enhancing security measures and ensuring a safe travel experience for passengers. Aviation Security Culture Week aims to raise awareness about prohibited items and the importance of security at airports.
  • Currently, around 10 lakh passengers travel through 131 airports in India daily.
  • Approximately 11,000 screeners are deployed at security checkpoints, screening around 5 lakh departing passengers and 9 lakh handbags each day. To assist screeners, 600 baggage X-ray machines and 1000 DFMDs are deployed at security checkpoints.
  • BCAS is dedicated to promoting a strong and effective aviation security culture to safeguard Indian skies.
  • Aviation security culture encompasses the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors of individuals in the aviation industry and among passengers regarding security practices and procedures in airports and flights.

During ‘Aviation Security Week’, BCAS has planned to undertake various activities in civil aviation

  • Setting up information booths and kiosks in the forecourt area and terminal buildings, including cargo terminals.
  • Making announcements in aircraft to inform passengers about security awareness.
  • Placing cards with security awareness content at different locations in the airport environment.
  • Including the tagline in ticket-related SMS/emails/WhatsApp messages from aircraft operators.
  • Including the tagline in tickets by Online Travel Agencies (OTAs).
  • Displaying short films at departure halls to raise awareness.
  • Pop-ups regarding Aviation Security Culture Week on their websites.
  • Organizing quizzes to encourage passenger participation.
  • Providing signature boards for interested passengers to sign.
  • Conducting daily Dog Squad shows by CISF during the week.

These initiatives aim to create a strong and effective aviation security culture among individuals within the aviation industry and passengers, ensuring the safety and security of air travel.


What is BCAS?

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) is a statutory body under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India. It is responsible for the security of civil aviation in India.

What are the functions of BCAS?

The functions of BCAS include:
Laying down security standards and procedures for civil aviation in India.
Ensuring compliance with these standards and procedures by civil aviation stakeholders.
Providing security training to civil aviation personnel.
Conducting security audits of civil aviation facilities.
Investigating security breaches in civil aviation.


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