AIIMS Nagpur Sets a Benchmark in Healthcare Quality with NABH Accreditation

AIIMS Nagpur, one of India’s premier medical institutions, has reached a significant milestone by obtaining accreditation from the National Board for Hospitals (NABH). This makes AIIMS Nagpur the first among all AIIMS institutions in the country to receive this recognition.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare Dr Mansukh Mandaviya have applauded this remarkable achievement, acknowledging AIIMS Nagpur’s commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare services. The NABH accreditation is widely regarded as the gold standard for quality and patient safety in the healthcare sector, reaffirming AIIMS Nagpur’s dedication to continuous improvement and adherence to the highest quality standards.

Recognition of Excellence

AIIMS Nagpur’s Accreditation by NABH AIIMS Nagpur’s achievement in obtaining accreditation from NABH serves as proof of the institution’s relentless pursuit of excellence in all areas of medical care. It acknowledges the institution’s unwavering commitment to patient care, patient rights, infection control, and other essential parameters. The accreditation also positions AIIMS Nagpur as a benchmark for other healthcare providers, showcasing its exceptional performance in delivering high-quality healthcare services.

A Step Towards Patient Safety

AIIMS Nagpur’s Commitment AIIMS Nagpur’s successful accreditation by NABH demonstrates its dedication to ensuring patient safety and well-being. The rigorous evaluation process conducted by NABH involved a comprehensive assessment of the institution’s infrastructure, clinical protocols, and administrative systems. This assessment scrutinized patient safety measures, infection control practices, patient care, medical records management, and staff qualifications. AIIMS Nagpur’s achievement in meeting these stringent requirements underscores its commitment to providing world-class medical services that prioritize patient safety and quality of care.

Acknowledging the Efforts

Collaborative Endeavors at AIIMS Nagpur The attainment of NABH accreditation was made possible through the collective efforts of the core committee and various committees formed as per standard operating procedures. The dedicated team of healthcare professionals, including Dr Gugapriya, Dr Meena Mishra, Dr Minakshi Girish, Dr Akash Bang, and others, played a vital role in the preparation for the accreditation process. Their commitment, expertise, and tireless efforts were instrumental in ensuring AIIMS Nagpur’s compliance with the highest standards of quality and patient safety.

In conclusion, AIIMS Nagpur’s recent accreditation by NABH showcases its commitment to excellence in healthcare. By meeting the rigorous standards set by NABH, AIIMS Nagpur has demonstrated its dedication to delivering high-quality care and prioritizing patient safety. This recognition not only positions AIIMS Nagpur as a leader in the field but also serves as an inspiration for other healthcare institutions to strive for excellence.

Benchmark in Healthcare Quality with NABH Accreditation – FAQs

Q1: What is AIIMS Nagpur’s recent achievement?

Ans: The National Board for Hospitals (NABH) has awarded the prestigious accreditation to AIIMS Nagpur, which raises the bar for medical quality.

Q2: What does NABH accreditation signify?

Ans: In the healthcare industry, NABH accreditation is widely regarded as the benchmark for excellence and patient safety. It underscores the dedication of AIIMS Nagpur to providing top-notch medical treatment and upholding the highest standards of excellence.

Q3: Who played a key role in achieving NABH accreditation for AIIMS Nagpur?

Ans: To ensure compliance with the highest quality and patient safety requirements and to prepare for the accreditation process, a committed team of healthcare professionals—including doctors and support staff—played a critical role.


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