China Blocks Global Terrorist Designation for Sajid Mir, Straining Counter-terrorism Efforts

China’s recent blocking of a proposal by India and the United States to designate Sajid Mir, a Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorist, as a global terrorist at the United Nations Security Council has sparked concerns and further strained international efforts to combat terrorism effectively. The move highlights China’s stance on Pakistan-based terrorists and raises questions about its commitment to global counter-terrorism efforts.

China’s Blockade and Implications:

Despite joint efforts, China thwarted the proposal to blacklist Sajid Mir under the UN Security Council’s sanctions committee. The designation aimed to subject Mir to measures such as asset freeze, travel ban, and arms embargo. China’s decision to block the designation raises doubts about its dedication to countering terrorism globally and its relationship with Pakistan.

Sajid Mir’s Involvement in 26/11 Mumbai Attacks:

Sajid Mir, wanted for his role in the infamous 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, is a highly sought-after terrorist by India. The US has placed a $5 million bounty on his head. As a senior member of LeT, Mir served as the operations manager for the attacks. The US State Department has recognized his significant involvement in planning, preparing, and executing the Mumbai attacks.

China’s Support for Pakistan-based Terrorists:

China has repeatedly used its veto power to obstruct the designation of Pakistan-based terrorists under the UN Security Council’s sanctions committee. This consistent behavior raises concerns about China’s role in countering terrorism and its alignment with Pakistan. By blocking the proposal for Sajid Mir, China demonstrates its reluctance to take decisive action against individuals involved in cross-border terrorism.

Impact on Global Counter-terrorism Efforts:

China’s obstruction of the designation for Sajid Mir has serious implications for international counter-terrorism efforts. It undermines the collective resolve to hold perpetrators accountable and denies justice to the victims of the Mumbai attacks. China’s shielding of individuals involved in terrorist activities risks enabling further acts of terrorism and impedes global security initiatives.

Response from the International Community:

China’s action has faced criticism from the international community, particularly India and the United States, who have been at the forefront of the fight against terrorism. The move raises concerns about China’s priorities and its commitment to combat global terrorism. It also highlights the need for stronger mechanisms to address challenges posed by countries employing veto power to protect individuals involved in terrorist activities.

China Blocks Global Terrorist Designation – FAQs

Q1: What is the recent development regarding Sajid Mir and China’s involvement?

Ans: China has obstructed an attempt by India and the United States to designate Sajid Mir, a terrorist of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) organisation based in Pakistan, as a global terrorist at the United Nations Security Council.

Q2: How does China’s stance on Pakistan-based terrorists affect counter-terrorism efforts?

Ans: China regularly exercises its veto authority to prevent the designation of terrorists with a base in Pakistan, which impedes international efforts to effectively combat terrorism and hold offenders accountable.

Q3: How has the international community responded to China’s action?

Ans: The world community, especially India and the United States, who are actively engaged in the war against terrorism, have criticised China’s action.


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