Swiggy and HDFC Bank Team Up to Launch Co-Branded Credit Card

In a strategic partnership, Swiggy, a renowned food delivery platform, has collaborated with HDFC Bank to introduce a co-branded credit card. Following a prevailing trend in the ecommerce sector, this collaboration aims to offer enticing benefits to cardholders and elevate customer retention and spending on the Swiggy platform.

Enhancing Customer Experience with the Swiggy Co-Branded Credit Card

The co-branded credit card, supported by Mastercard’s payment network, comes packed with features designed to enhance the overall customer experience on Swiggy and beyond.

Key Features of the Swiggy Co-Branded Credit Card

  1. Cashback on Swiggy Platform: Cardholders can enjoy a generous 10% cashback on all transactions made on Swiggy, covering food delivery, quick commerce grocery delivery, and dining out experiences.
  2. Cashback on Major Ecommerce Platforms: The co-branded credit card also provides 5% cashback on purchases made on major ecommerce platforms, including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, Ola, and branded fashion websites like Nike, H&M, Adidas, Zara, and others.
  3. Cashback in the Form of Swiggy Money: The cashback earned by cardholders will be deposited as “Swiggy Money,” a digital wallet feature integrated within the Swiggy app, enabling seamless transactions across the platform.

Benefits for Swiggy Customers

The introduction of the Swiggy co-branded credit card brings exciting perks for Swiggy’s loyal customers. With attractive cashback offers on food orders, grocery deliveries, and dining, the credit card aims to enrich the overall dining experience. Additionally, the cashback benefits on other popular ecommerce platforms provide added value to cardholders’ online shopping ventures.

Driving Customer Loyalty and Increased Spending

Swiggy’s collaboration with HDFC Bank, backed by Mastercard, is a strategic move to strengthen its position in the competitive food delivery industry. By offering a co-branded credit card, Swiggy aims to foster stronger customer loyalty and incentivize higher spending on the platform.


The Swiggy-HDFC co-branded credit card is a testament to Swiggy’s commitment to rewarding its customers and promoting brand loyalty. With its attractive cashback offers, the credit card is poised to elevate the overall customer experience and encourage higher spending on Swiggy. As the food delivery landscape continues to evolve, this partnership is set to bolster Swiggy’s standing as a leading player in the industry.

Co-Branded Credit Card – FAQs

Q1: What is the Swiggy and HDFC co-branded credit card?

Ans: The Swiggy and HDFC co-branded credit card is the result of a partnership between one of India’s top banks, HDFC Bank, and Swiggy, a well-known food delivery service. The credit card provides a number of advantages and cashback deals to improve the shopping experience for customers on the Swiggy platform and other significant ecommerce platforms.

Q2: What are the key features of the Swiggy co-branded credit card?

Ans: The Swiggy co-branded credit card’s salient characteristics are as follows:
10% cashback is offered on all Swiggy platform transactions, including food deliveries, fast grocery deliveries, and eating out.
5% cashback is available on purchases made through popular e-commerce sites including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, Ola, and branded fashion websites like Nike, H&M, Adidas, Zara, and others.
Earned cashback will be given in the form of “Swiggy Money,” a virtual wallet function available within the Swiggy app.

Q3: How does the collaboration between Swiggy and HDFC Bank benefit customers?

Ans: Customers of Swiggy who use a co-branded credit card that rewards their purchases on the platform and other e-commerce websites gain from the partnership. Cardholders can take advantage of sizeable cashback promotions that are designed to improve their overall dining and online shopping experiences.


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