Elon Musk Reveals Launching ‘TruthGPT’ in Competition with ChatGPT

Truth GPT Elon Musk

Elon Musk, a well-known manufacturer, declared the launch of a new platform named “TruthGPT” on April 17, 2023. TruthGPT’s objective, according to Musk, is to develop a truth-seeking AI that gives consumers honest responses. 

The goal of this platform is to set it apart from current AI systems like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which Musk criticised for “training the AI to lie.” The goal of Musk’s new platform, which will compete with Google and Microsoft, is to promote truth and transparency in the technologically advanced world.

For six months, Musk and his AI experts team have been working on building a strong and reliable technical platform for TruthGPT. He emphasised that because this new AI system would have knowledge and awareness of the cosmos, it will be impossible for it to harm or eradicate the human population. 

TruthGPT will be developed in such a manner that it will already be aware of this notion, making it safe for everyone. The whole human species on Earth is made of the same components as found in the cosmos.

Musk also criticised OpenAI, a project supported by Microsoft, for turning into a closed-source, for-profit company with a strong connection to Microsoft. He claimed that Larry Page, a co-founder of Google, had neglected to take adequate precautions to ensure the security of AI systems when creating these bots. For users of TruthGPT, Musk wants to provide an efficient system that guarantees truth and transparency.

Musk discussed his thoughts about TruthGPT during an interview with Fox News Channel, claiming that this novel technology will increase global safety and security. 

He has offered concerns about artificial intelligence (AI), claiming that, if used improperly, it has the power to devastate civilisation and may control public opinion and cause catastrophe. Musk urges the development of a safe AI to guarantee that it won’t be harmful to people. Building a useful, accurate, and secure model is the goal.

Truth GPT Elon Musk – FAQs

Q1: When did Elon Musk launch TruthGPT?

Ans: Elon Musk launched TruthGPT on April 17, 2023.

Q2: How is TruthGPT different from ChatGPT?

Ans: TruthGPT was created with the goal of advancing truth and transparency in today’s technologically sophisticated society.

Q3: How long did it take Elon Musk to create TruthGPT?

Ans: Musk and his AI specialists team have been constructing a solid and trustworthy technological foundation for TruthGPT for the past six months.


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