GRSE Launches ‘GAINS 2023’ to Foster Innovation in Shipbuilding

Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) Ltd, a leading defense shipyard in India, has initiated a mission to promote technological advancements in shipbuilding through startups. The company unveiled the GRSE Accelerated Innovation Nurturing Scheme – 2023 (GAINS 2023) in Kolkata. This program aims to leverage the startup ecosystem to address present and future challenges in the ship design and construction industry.

Embracing Young Talent for Industry Transformation

The launch of GAINS 2023 took place in the presence of Shri Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Electronics and IT & Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. By embracing the energy and ideas of young innovators, GRSE seeks to revolutionize the industry. The shipyard firmly believes that today’s young minds are the driving force behind the future of the company and the industry as a whole. This strategic move underscores GRSE’s commitment to innovation and fresh perspectives.

GRSE’s Legacy of Technological Advancements

Since its establishment as a DPSU (Defence Public Sector Undertaking) in 1960, GRSE has been a pioneering shipyard. It gained global recognition by delivering the first indigenous warship, INS Ajay, to the Indian Navy in 1961. The shipyard has consistently adopted technological advances and emerged as a leading name in shipbuilding worldwide. To further boost innovation and prepare for the future, GRSE has introduced an “Open Innovation Challenge” to encourage innovators to contribute to the shipyard’s journey. GAINS 2023 offers new and emerging innovators, engineers, and designers the opportunity to understand GRSE’s core business interests and established practices in shipbuilding.

Minister’s Perspective on the Partnership

In his virtual address, Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar expressed his satisfaction with GRSE’s decision to collaborate with startups and innovators across the country through the GAINS Challenge. He emphasized the win-win nature of the partnership, which will shape the future of technology and innovation in ship design and construction. Recognizing the importance of partnerships, he highlighted that technology and innovation cannot be developed by a single organization alone. He commended GRSE for actively supporting and partnering with startups and young Indians.

Cmde P R Hari IN (Retd), Chairman and Managing Director of GRSE, hailed this initiative as the first of its kind by a Public Sector Undertaking. The startup challenge aims to tap into the inherent strength and capabilities of India’s startup ecosystem to find technologically innovative solutions. Cmde Hari expressed confidence in the participation of creative and talented individuals, envisioning out-of-the-box implementable solutions.

The GAINS 2023 Challenge

The GAINS 2023 Challenge is a two-stage process designed to generate a multitude of ideas, from which a few promising ones will be selected and nurtured. Participants are required to submit short illustrated and written submissions in the initial stage, providing sufficient detail to demonstrate their understanding of the chosen problem or solution. The proposals should include cost estimates and justification of the professional qualifications or competencies necessary for successful implementation.

Focus Areas and Participation

Artificial Intelligence, Renewable/Green Energy, Energy Efficiency, and Efficiency Enhancement are the thematic areas of the GAINS 2023 Challenge, aligning with GRSE’s strategic focus.

GAINS 2023 – FAQs

Q1: What is the role of startups and innovators in the GAINS 2023 Challenge?

Ans: Startups and creative thinkers are urged to take part in the GAINS 2023 Challenge by submitting their original concepts for shipbuilding-related solutions. In order to find technologically creative solutions, GRSE seeks to leverage the inherent strength and talents of India’s startup ecosystem.

Q2: How does the GAINS 2023 Challenge work?

Ans: The GAINS 2023 Challenge consists of two steps. In the initial step, participants are required to submit brief written and visual proposals proving their comprehension of the selected issue or solution. The chosen solutions will be nurtured and developed further.

Q3: How does GRSE support innovation and fresh perspectives?

Ans: To encourage inventors to participate in the shipyard’s progress, GRSE has established a “Open Innovation Challenge.” Additionally, GAINS 2023 offers a chance for up-and-coming innovators, engineers, and designers to comprehend GRSE’s primary commercial objectives and standard shipbuilding procedures.


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