IAF to Hold Biggest Air Exercise ‘Tarang Shakti’

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is gearing up for a large-scale multilateral exercise called Tarang Shakti, which is scheduled to take place later this year. This exercise aims to enhance military cooperation between India and 12 other nations by bringing together their air forces.

Tarang Shakti is set to be the largest air exercise ever conducted in India. It will involve the participation of multiple countries, showcasing their military combat jets, transport aircraft, and other assets. The exercise provides a platform for the participating nations to engage in joint training, exchange knowledge, and strengthen their overall operational capabilities.

By conducting this mega-multilateral exercise, the IAF aims to foster closer ties and collaboration with its international counterparts, further enhancing regional security and stability.

More About the Tarang Shakti

  • The upcoming Tarang Shakti exercise is set to be a significant milestone for the Indian Air Force (IAF), as it marks its first major multilateral exercise. The exercise is scheduled to take place in October-November this year.
  • Six air forces are expected to actively participate in the exercise, while others will attend as observers. Notable participants may include the air forces of France, Japan, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
  • Tarang Shakti will showcase a diverse range of aircraft, including fighter jets, military transport aircraft, mid-air refuelers, and airborne warning and control system (AWACS) aircraft.
  • The exercise will be conducted in the Rajasthan sector.
  • The primary objective of Tarang Shakti is to enhance coordination, interoperability, and integration among the participating air forces. This collective display of strength sends a strong message to potential adversaries in the region, emphasizing the commitment to regional security and stability.
  • By conducting this exercise, the IAF aims to foster closer relationships, exchange knowledge, and improve joint operational capabilities with its international counterparts. It also provides an opportunity to strengthen military cooperation and partnerships, ultimately contributing to a more secure and cooperative regional environment.

The exercise will involve a wide range of activities

  • Air combat exercises
  • Air-to-ground exercises
  • Maritime exercises
  • Search and rescue exercises
  • Humanitarian assistance and disaster relief exercises

Tarang Shakti is a significant event in the field of air power cooperation. The exercise will help to strengthen military ties between participating countries, and it will also help to enhance interoperability and synergy in joint operations.

The exercise is also a demonstration of the IAF’s commitment to global engagement. The IAF is a major player in the field of air power, and it is committed to working with other air forces to promote peace and stability in the region.

Indian Air Force (IAF) – FAQs

Who is the current Chief of the Air Staff?

The current Chief of the Air Staff of the Indian Air Force (IAF) is Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari PVSM AVSM VM ADC. He took office on September 30, 2021.

How many Air Commands are there?

There are five operational commands and two functional commands in the Indian Air Force (IAF):
Western Air Command (WAC) – New Delhi
Central Air Command (CAC) – Allahabad
Southern Air Command (SAC) – Thiruvananthapuram
Eastern Air Command (EAC) – Shillong
North Western Air Command (NWAC) – Jaipur
Training Command (TC) – Bangalore
Maintenance Command (MC) – Nagpur


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