Indian-Origin Sikh Becomes First Turban-Wearing Lord Mayor of UK City Coventry

Jaswant Singh Birdi, a British-Sikh councilor from Coventry, UK, has made history as the city’s first turban-clad Lord Mayor. Accompanied by his wife Krishna as the Lord Mayoress, Birdi officially took charge and received the Chains of Office. As Lord Mayor, Birdi will also serve as the chairman of the City Council, representing a non-political and ceremonial role in leading Coventry.

Birdi’s Inspiring Journey to Leadership

Jaswant Singh Birdi’s life journey has been marked by resilience and determination. Originally from Punjab, India, he relocated to Coventry, UK, over six decades ago. Prior to his historic appointment as Lord Mayor, Birdi dedicated 17 years to serving as a local councilor in Coventry. His extensive experience and unwavering commitment to public service have earned him the trust and respect of the community.

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion

Birdi’s appointment as the first Sikh councilor to hold the esteemed position of Lord Mayor in Coventry is a significant milestone. The diverse and vibrant city has embraced his achievement as a symbol of progress and inclusivity. By recognizing Birdi’s capabilities and contributions, Coventry reinforces its commitment to fostering a harmonious and diverse society.

Continuing the Tradition of Service

Having previously served as Deputy Lord Mayor under Councillor Keven Maton, Birdi is well-versed in the responsibilities that come with his new role. He is determined to carry on the legacy of his predecessor and build upon the achievements of the past. With a strong dedication to public service and a passion for the betterment of Coventry, Birdi aims to make a positive and lasting impact during his tenure as Lord Mayor.

The Meaning of the Chains of Office

During a special ceremony held at Coventry Cathedral, Jaswant Singh Birdi received the prestigious Chains of Office, symbolizing his authority and responsibilities as the Lord Mayor. These ceremonial chains hold significant historical and symbolic value, signifying the official commencement of Birdi’s tenure. The event was attended by esteemed individuals, community leaders, and residents who came together to honor this momentous occasion for the city of Coventry.

Shaping a Bright Future for Coventry

In his role as Lord Mayor, Jaswant Singh Birdi envisions a future for Coventry that embraces diversity, inclusivity, and progress. His primary goal is to foster unity among the various communities within the city, promoting mutual understanding and collaboration. Birdi’s term provides him with a platform to advocate for important social causes, encourage active community participation, and elevate Coventry’s standing both nationally and internationally. With his leadership, Coventry is poised to embark on a journey of positive transformation and development.


What is a Lord Mayor UK?

In the United Kingdom, a Lord Mayor is a ceremonial title given to the mayor of a city, typically a large city or a city with historical significance. The position of Lord Mayor is often granted by royal charter or by the monarch, and it carries a higher status and greater ceremonial responsibilities than that of a regular mayor.

The role of a Lord Mayor varies depending on the city and its traditions, but generally, a Lord Mayor serves as the civic leader and representative of the city. They act as a figurehead and ambassadors for the city, promoting its interests, culture, and heritage. They also engage in diplomatic activities, welcoming dignitaries and attending official functions both domestically and internationally.

What is the difference between the Mayor and Lord Mayor UK?

A mayor is an elected official who serves as the ceremonial and political leader of a local government, such as a borough, town, or city. Mayors are responsible for representing their community, presiding over council meetings, and promoting the interests of their locality. The role of a mayor can vary in different areas, but they typically have limited powers and act as a figurehead for their town or city.

The title of Lord Mayor is bestowed upon the mayor of a larger city, often with historical importance or ceremonial significance. This position is usually granted by the royal charter or by the monarch. A Lord Mayor often serves for a fixed term and is involved in promoting the city, representing its interests, and engaging in diplomatic activities. They may have additional ceremonial duties and may hold a higher status within the city’s hierarchy.


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