New Noida Authority CEO Lokesh M Sets Focus on Industrial Growth and Public Hearing System

Lokesh M, a seasoned IAS officer from the 2005 batch, has assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Noida Authority. In his new role, he aims to prioritize industrial growth and enhance the public hearing system. Lokesh M’s appointment comes after the transfer of former CEO Ritu Maheshwari to Divisional Commissioner Agra.

Prioritizing Industrial Growth and Public Hearing System:

During his inaugural meeting with officials, CEO Lokesh M underscored the significance of industrial growth and outlined his plans to strengthen the public hearing system. He is committed to addressing the concerns of allottees, farmers, and citizens, ensuring efficient grievance redressal.

Meeting with Authority Staff and Vision for Noida:

Lokesh M engaged in a meeting with the authority staff to share his vision for transforming Noida into a “beautiful city” while concurrently tackling the challenges faced by its residents. He expressed his determination to deliver improved services to the citizens.

Lokesh M’s Previous Roles and Initiatives:

Hailing from Karnataka, Lokesh M completed his training in Aligarh in 2006. His illustrious career includes serving as the District Magistrate and collector in various districts, such as Mainpuri, Kushinagar, Etah, Ghazipur, Amroha, and Kaushambi from 2009 to 2016. During his tenure as the Divisional Commissioner in Saharanpur, he initiated the establishment of de-addiction centers, highlighting his commitment to welfare initiatives.

Career Journey of Lokesh M:

After his deputation to Karnataka from 2016 to 2021, Lokesh M assumed the role of Divisional Commissioner in Saharanpur before being appointed as the Agra Commissioner on May 31. His recent stint as Kanpur Commissioner preceded his current position as CEO of Noida Authority.


With Lokesh M as the new CEO of Noida Authority, the city can anticipate a renewed focus on industrial growth and an improved public hearing system. His extensive experience and proactive initiatives in previous roles showcase his dedication to public service and the betterment of Noida. As Lokesh M takes charge, the city is poised for positive transformations and effective administration under his leadership.

Industrial Growth and Public Hearing System – FAQs

Q1: Who is Lokesh M, and what is his role in Noida Authority?

Ans: The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Noida Authority is Lokesh M, an IAS officer from the 2005 batch. In Noida, he would be in charge of and oversee different administrative tasks.

Q2: What are Lokesh M’s key priorities as the new CEO of Noida Authority?

Ans: The improvement of Noida’s public hearing system and industrial expansion are Lokesh M’s top priorities. In order to promote efficient grievance resolution, he seeks to handle concerns pertaining to allotees, farmers, and people.

Q3: How does Lokesh M plan to achieve industrial growth in Noida?

Ans: In his first meeting with officials, Lokesh M outlined his goals for making Noida a “beautiful city” and his strategies for encouraging industrial expansion, which will help the area’s economic development.


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