India Dominates the ISSF Junior World Championships 2023: 90 Talented Shooters Secure 17 Medals

The ISSF Junior World Championships 2023 concluded at the prestigious Changwon Shooting Range in South Korea, marking its third edition. Young shooting talents under the age of 21 from various countries participated in pistol, rifle, and shotgun events. The event witnessed an impressive total of 550 shooters from 44 nations, with India leading the way by sending a massive contingent of 90 shooters.

India’s Impressive Medal Haul

The Indian shooting team displayed outstanding performance, earning a total of 17 medals during the ISSF Junior World Championships 2023. The medal breakdown consisted of six gold, six silver, and five bronze medals. Notably, seven Indian shooters managed to secure multiple medals, demonstrating the depth of talent within the Indian squad.

Medal Winners from India

India’s talented marksmen and markswomen who claimed medals at the ISSF Junior World Championships 2023 are as follows:

Gold Medalists:

Shubham Bisla10m air pistol menGold
Sainyam10m air pistol womenGold
Abhinav Shaw and Gautami Bhanot10m air rifle mixed teamGold
Abhinav Shaw, Srikanth Dhanush, and Parth Rakesh Mane10m air rifle men’s teamGold
Kamaljeet50m pistol menGold
Yashita Shokeen, Veerpal Kaur, and Tiyana50m pistol women’s teamGold
Kamaljeet, Ankait Tomar, and Sandeep Bishnoi50m pistol men’s teamGold

Silver Medalists:

Shubham Bisla, Amit Sharma, and Abhinav Choudhary10m air pistol men’s teamSilver
Uttam Sonam Maskar, Gautami Bhanot, and Swati Chowdhury10m air rifle women’s teamSilver
Raiza DhillonWomen’s skeetSilver
Harmehar Singh Lally and Sanjana SoodMixed team skeetSilver
Sameer, Mahesh Anandakumar, and Rajkanwar Singh Sandhu25m rapid fire pistol men’s teamSilver
Bakhtyaruddin Malek, Shardul Vihan, and Arya Vansh TyagiTrap men teamSilver

Bronze Medalists:

Abhinav Chaudhary and Sainyam10m air pistol mixed teamBronze
Sainyam, Urva Chaudhary, and Anjali Chaudhary10m air pistol women’s teamBronze
Umamahesh Maddineni10m air rifle menBronze
Unish Holinder, Randeep Singh, and Akshay Kumar25m standard pistol men’s teamBronze
Yashita Shokeen, Prarthana Khanna, and Tiyana25m standard pistol women’s teamBronze

Top Countries in Medal Count

While India showcased an impressive performance, China emerged as the overall leader in the medal count, securing a remarkable total of 28 medals (12 gold, 9 silver, and 7 bronze). India secured the second position with its tally of 17 medals, followed by Ukraine and Kazakhstan with 10 medals each. Italy, USA, and Korea also displayed their shooting prowess with 11, 13, and 17 medals, respectively.



The ISSF Junior World Championships 2023 provided a thrilling platform for young shooters from around the world to showcase their talent and skills. India’s dominant presence with 90 skilled shooters and an outstanding medal haul of 17 medals highlights the country’s growing prominence in the world of junior shooting sports. These young talents’ remarkable performances indicate a promising future for Indian shooting on the global stage.

ISSF Junior World Championships 2023 – FAQs

Q1: When and where did the ISSF Junior World Championships 2023 take place?

Ans: From July 16 to July 24, the Changwon Shooting Range in South Korea hosted the ISSF Junior World Championships 2023.

Q2: How many medals did India win in the ISSF Junior World Championships 2023?

Ans: At the ISSF Junior World Championships in 2023, India won a total of 17 medals. There were six gold, six silver, and five bronze medals among them.

Q3: Which countries secured the highest number of medals at the ISSF Junior World Championships 2023?

Ans: China won the most medals with a total of 28, including 12 gold, 9 silver, and 7 bronze. India was in second place with 17 medals, followed by Kazakhstan and Ukraine, each with 10 medals.


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