Asmita Dey: Shining at the Junior Asia Judo Championship 2023

Asmita Dey, hailing from Tripura, has achieved an impressive feat by securing a gold medal at the esteemed Junior Asia Cup Judo Championship in Macau, China. This adds to her remarkable track record, which includes a silver medal at the Asian Open 2023 in Kuwait City and a bronze medal at the Asian Junior Championships in 2022.

Asmita’s Journey to Victory

Competing in the 48 kg category, Asmita faced tough contenders from 27 diverse countries, including Korea, Bhutan, Iraq, and the United States. Undeterred by the challenging competition, Asmita showcased exceptional skill and determination throughout the tournament.

In the preliminary rounds, Asmita excelled in Group D, securing a decisive win against Hong Kong’s Suet Yiu Tang. She continued her winning streak in the semifinals, triumphing over Australia’s Ashlyn Do. In the gold medal match, the 20-year-old Indian judoka emerged triumphant, defeating Australia’s Anneliese Fielder.

India’s Success at the Junior Asian Judo Championships 2023

Asmita Dey’s gold medal contributed to India’s overall success at the Junior Asian Judo Championships 2023 in Macau. The Indian contingent secured an impressive total of five medals, including three golds, one silver, and one bronze, demonstrating their talent and determination on the global stage.

Other Notable Performances

Alongside Asmita Dey’s victory, other Indian athletes showcased outstanding performances:

  1. Unnati’s Glorious Win: Unnati’s remarkable journey led her to defeat Ian I Lei and secure a spot in the knockout stage. She continued her winning streak, defeating Mongolia’s Maralmaa Khurelchuluun in the semifinals and ultimately clinching the gold by triumphing over Australia’s Ryley Rametta.
  2. Arun’s Championship Title: Arun’s stellar performance led him to victory in Group A, where he defeated Australia’s Dimitrios Giantsios and South Korea’s Jimin Lim. In the semifinals, he outperformed Saudi Arabia’s Maimani Abdulraouf and tactfully defeated Australia’s Kohsei Toyoshima in the final to claim the championship.
  3. Yash Ghangas’ Silver Medal: Competing in the 100-plus kg category, Yash Ghangas showcased determination, earning a silver medal after a tough match against Mongolia’s Khangarid Gantulga.
  4. Shraddha Kadubal Chopade’s Bronze: Shraddha’s perseverance led her to secure the bronze medal in the 52 kg category. Despite facing a setback in the preliminary round against South Korea’s Jiho Baek, she rebounded in the repechage round and defeated Australia’s Callie Bannister to claim the bronze medal.


Asmita Dey’s remarkable victory and India’s impressive medal tally at the Junior Asia Cup Judo Championship demonstrate the country’s growing prominence in the world of judo. The achievements of these talented athletes showcase India’s potential to excel on the international sporting stage. Asmita’s success serves as an inspiration for aspiring judokas and reflects the dedication and hard work required to shine in the world of competitive sports.

Junior Asia Judo Championship 2023 – FAQs

Q1: What are Asmita Dey’s other notable achievements in judo?

Ans: Asmita won a gold medal at the Junior Asia Cup Judo Championship in addition to a silver and a bronze medal at the Asian Open in Kuwait City in 2023 and 2022, respectively.

Q2: How did Asmita secure the gold medal at the Junior Asia Cup Judo Championship?

Ans: Asmita excelled in the preliminary rounds and won her matches with ease, demonstrating excellent skill and tenacity. She won over Ashlyn Do of Australia in the semifinals before overcoming Anneliese Fielder of Australia to win the gold medal.

Q3: Who were the other notable Indian athletes who achieved success at the Junior Asia Cup Judo Championship?

Ans: At the Junior Asia Cup Judo Championship, renowned Indian competitors Unnati, Arun, Yash Ghangas, and Shraddha Kadubal Chopade won gold, silver, and bronze medals, respectively.


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