Launch of ‘Moga’ and Details of the 37th National Games in Goa

Goa’s Chief Minister, Pramod Sawant, inaugurated ‘Moga’ at a ceremony held in Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Stadium, Taleigao, Goa. The launch of ‘Moga’ marks an important milestone as it coincides with the announcement of the upcoming 37th edition of the National Games, which will take place in various locations across Goa. This highly anticipated sporting event will feature competitions in 43 disciplines, including the inclusion of the traditional martial art form ‘Gatka’ associated with Punjab.

The National Games:

Organized by the Indian Olympic Association, the National Games in India hold great significance for the country’s sports community. The Ministry of Sports has affirmed that the National Games will be held every two years, with exceptions during years when the Olympics and Asian Games are scheduled. The Indian Olympic Association, headquartered in New Delhi, is led by President PT Usha.

The Significance of Mascots:

Mascots play a crucial role in representing the character and themes of their respective games. They serve as the face of the event and create an emotional connection with players, fostering a sense of loyalty towards the game.

The 36th National Games and the Previous Edition:

The 36th edition of the National Games was hosted by Goa, with Maharashtra emerging as the overall winner. The games witnessed fierce competition among talented athletes from across the country. The mascot for the 36th National Games was ‘Savaj,’ symbolizing an Asiatic lion.

About Goa:

In the realm of sports, Goa is guided by its Sports Minister, Govind Gaude. The state animal of Goa is the Indian Bison, commonly known as ‘Gaur.’


The launch of ‘Moga’ and the announcement of the 37th edition of the National Games in Goa have set the stage for an exciting and competitive sporting extravaganza. With numerous disciplines on display and the inclusion of the traditional martial art form ‘Gatka,’ the National Games promise to captivate sports enthusiasts nationwide. Mascots like ‘Moga’ add charm and represent the spirit of the games, creating a memorable experience for participants and spectators alike. As Goa prepares to host this prestigious event, it reaffirms its commitment to promoting sports and providing a platform for athletes to showcase their skills and bring glory to the nation.

Launch of ‘Moga’ – FAQs

Q1: What is ‘Moga’ and where was it launched?

Ans: The 37th iteration of the National Games will be held in Goa, and its mascot is called “Moga.” It was introduced by the chief minister of Goa, Pramod Sawant, at a ceremony held in Taleigao, Goa’s Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Stadium.

Q2: What is the significance of mascots in sporting events?

Ans: Mascots reflect the themes and characters connected to the event and act as the games’ public face. Players have an emotional connection to them and develop a sense of devotion to the game as a result.

Q3: Who won the 36th National Games, and where was it held?

Ans: The 36th National Games, which were held in Goa, were won by Maharashtra.


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