Madhya Pradesh Launches “MP State Esports Academy” to Empower Young Esports Players

MP State Esports Academy

Madhya Pradesh, one of India’s prominent states, is taking a significant step in the realm of sports by venturing into the world of esports. With the launch of its first online gaming industry named “MP State Esports Academy,” the state aims to provide young esports enthusiasts a platform to hone their skills and pave their way towards a professional career.

Nurturing Aspiring Gaming and Esports Professionals

The core objective of the MP State Esports Academy is to nurture and train aspiring gaming and esports professionals. The academy will host an esports tournament to identify top players for admission. Notably, 80% of the seats in the academy will be reserved for gamers from Madhya Pradesh, while the remaining seats will be open to gamers from across the country. This move ensures that local talent gets a fair opportunity to shine while also inviting talent from diverse regions.

MP Junior Esports Championship: Unleashing Young Talent

The state-wide MP Junior Esports Championship is an eagerly awaited event scheduled to take place from July 27 to August 7. Focused exclusively on esports enthusiasts aged between 12 and 17 years, this 10-day tournament will be organized by the sports department. The championship promises to be a platform where young participants can engage, showcase their gaming skills, and take a step closer to realizing their esports dreams.

Empowering Youth Through Esports and Traditional Sports

The establishment of the Esports Academy in MP aims to promote sports represented in prestigious events like the Asian Games and Olympics. A unique aspect of the academy is its emphasis on blending traditional and modern sports. By doing so, the academy seeks to offer a holistic approach to sports development among the youth. This pioneering initiative is set to play a crucial role in nurturing talents in emerging sports while not losing sight of the essence of traditional sports.

Top-Quality Coaching and Education for Selected Esports Athletes

The selected esports athletes at the MP State Esports Academy will receive 12 months of intensive coaching and top-quality esports education, all sponsored by the government. This support is aimed at fostering their growth and development, ensuring they have the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the esports world.

Esports in India: A Rising Phenomenon

The rising recognition of esports as a legitimate sport is evident as major events like the Asian Games 2022 and Commonwealth Games 2022 have integrated esports as a medal sport and a pilot event, respectively. India’s esports industry is also experiencing exponential growth, projected to reach INR 1,100 crore by 2025. The country is recognized as a potential market for the future, attracting prominent esports companies from around the globe.


The launch of the MP State Esports Academy marks a significant step in the sports landscape of Madhya Pradesh. By providing a dedicated platform for young esports enthusiasts and integrating traditional sports, the state is fostering holistic development among its youth. The academy’s focus on talent search through the MP Junior Esports Championship ensures that promising talents get the recognition and support they deserve. As esports continues to gain recognition and prominence in India, the future looks bright for the gaming industry and its talented players.

MP State Esports Academy – FAQs

Q1: What is the MP State Esports Academy?

Ans: The MP State Esports Academy is Madhya Pradesh’s first online gaming organization designed to give aspiring esports professionals a platform to develop their careers.

Q2: How will players be selected for admission to the Esports Academy?

Ans: In order to choose the best players for admittance, the academy will host an esports competition. 80 percent of the slots will be set aside for Madhya Pradesh residents, with the remaining 20 percent available to players nationwide.

Q3: How will the MP State Esports Academy benefit esports enthusiasts?

Ans: In order to pursue a career in esports, the Esports Academy will offer esports enthusiasts a professional platform to demonstrate their talents and receive top-notch coaching and education. In order to promote holistic youth development, it will also combine ancient and contemporary sports.


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