Neeraj Chopra becomes World No.1 in Men’s Javelin Rankings

Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra has achieved the number one ranking in the men’s javelin throw for the first time. After reaching the second position on August 30, 2022, the Indian javelin thrower was consistently trailing behind Anderson Peters, the reigning world champion. However, Neeraj Chopra has now surpassed Peters with a lead of 22 points, securing the coveted top spot in the rankings.

Neeraj’s Rise to the Summit

In September 2022, Neeraj Chopra became the first Indian athlete to win the Diamond League 2022 finals in Zurich. Despite this significant achievement, he faced a setback due to an injury sustained after his victory. Making a comeback, Neeraj participated in the season-opening Doha Diamond League on May 5 and emerged victorious with a throw of 88.67m. Meanwhile, Anderson Peters finished third in the same event, registering a distance of 85.88m.

Upcoming Competitions

Neeraj Chopra’s journey continues as he prepares to compete at the FBK Games 2023 on June 4 in the Netherlands. He has also confirmed his participation in the Paavo Nurmi Games 2023, which will take place in Turku, Finland, on June 13. With the Paris 2024 Olympics drawing near, the 2023 season holds great significance for Neeraj as he aims to defend his Diamond League title and Asian Games javelin gold medal in Hangzhou. Additionally, he will participate in the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, further cementing his stature in the sport.


Neeraj Chopra’s recent ascent to the top of the men’s javelin rankings marks a significant milestone in his career. With notable victories and upcoming competitions on the horizon, Neeraj’s focus and determination will be instrumental in his pursuit of continued success in the field of javelin throw.

Men’s Javelin Rankings – FAQs

Q1: How did Neeraj Chopra become the World No.1 in men’s javelin rankings?

Ans: Neeraj Chopra outperformed Anderson Peters of Grenada to take the top spot in the men’s javelin standings with 1455 points. Neeraj had previously held down the number two spot, but his ongoing success and recent triumphs moved him to the top spot.

Q2: What are Neeraj Chopra’s notable achievements apart from becoming World No.1?

Ans: In addition to becoming World No.1, Neeraj Chopra won the gold medal in javelin throw at the Tokyo Olympics, making him the first Indian athlete to achieve this feat. He also won the Diamond League 2022 finals in Zurich, further highlighting his exceptional talent and skills.

Q3: What competitions does Neeraj Chopra have lined up for the future?

Ans: Neeraj Chopra is scheduled to compete in the FBK Games 2023 in the Netherlands on June 4 and the Paavo Nurmi Games 2023 in Turku, Finland, on June 13. He will also participate in the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, along with defending his Diamond League title and Asian Games javelin gold medal in Hangzhou.


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