Operation Conviction – Uttar Pradesh Police’s Strategic Initiative to Expedite Convictions

The Uttar Pradesh Police has recently launched an extensive program called ‘Operation Conviction’ aimed at combating criminals and organized crime in the state. The initiative focuses on expediting the conviction process, particularly in cases involving heinous crimes such as rape, murder, cow slaughter, religious conversion, and those registered under the POCSO Act. By ensuring swift arrests, meticulous investigations, robust evidence collection, and effective representation in courts, the authorities seek to minimize the time taken for criminals to face justice.

Crackdown on Mafias and Zero-Tolerance Policy

Building upon the state government’s zero-tolerance policy towards mafias and criminal elements, ‘Operation Conviction’ identifies and prioritizes 20 cases in each district. This demonstrates the administration’s commitment to maintaining law and order and curbing organized crime.

Coordination with District Judges and Forensic Science Laboratory

District police chiefs collaborate closely with district judges to facilitate expeditious trials. They request daily trials for the identified cases, ensuring that legal proceedings progress swiftly. Additionally, police commissioners and district police chiefs coordinate with the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) to expedite the procurement of crucial laboratory reports for investigations.

Establishment of Monitoring Cell

Monitoring cells are established at each police commissioner’s office and district police chief’s office. Headed by gazetted officers, these cells oversee the daily progress of cases identified under ‘Operation Conviction.’ The centralized monitoring system enhances accountability and enables prompt intervention if required.

Development of a Web Portal for Case Review

A web portal is currently being developed to facilitate the weekly review of identified cases. Senior police officials at the Directorate General of Police (DGP) office in the state capital can closely monitor the progress through real-time updates and comprehensive data. This portal will help identify bottlenecks and enable prompt actions to maintain the momentum of the conviction process.


‘Operation Conviction’ represents Uttar Pradesh Police’s determined efforts to combat criminals and expedite the conviction process. By prioritizing cases, coordinating with judicial authorities, establishing monitoring cells, and leveraging technology through the web portal, the police aim to ensure timely trials and deliver justice efficiently. This strategic initiative reinforces the state government’s commitment to maintaining law and order and serves as a strong deterrent to organized crime in Uttar Pradesh.

Operation Conviction – FAQs

Q1: What is Operation Conviction?

Ans: The Uttar Pradesh Police launched a comprehensive program called Operation Conviction to fight crime and organized crime in the state. Its main goal is to hasten the conviction process, especially in situations involving horrific crimes including rape, murder, cow slaughter, conversion to another religion, and those listed under the POCSO Act.

Q2: How does Operation Conviction ensure swift trials?

Ans: District police chiefs work closely with district judges to ask for daily trials in the instances that have been identified. By ensuring that legal processes move along quickly, this coordination helps to shorten trial process delays.

Q3: What is the role of the monitoring cells established under Operation Conviction?

Ans: Each police commissioner’s office and district police chief’s office has monitoring cells set up. These cells, led by gazetted officials, keep an eye on the daily development of the cases discovered by Operation Conviction. They improve accountability and allow for quick action when necessary.


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