Prime Minister Narendra Modi Honored with ‘Order of the Nile’ During Official Visit to Egypt

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Met President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi of Egyp

In a significant diplomatic event, Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a warm welcome from President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt at the prestigious Al-Ittihadiya Palace on June 25, 2023. This meeting marked a significant milestone in the bilateral relations between India and Egypt, further building upon President Al-Sisi’s successful State Visit to India as the Chief Guest during the Republic Day celebrations in January 2023. The leaders expressed satisfaction with the progress achieved so far and acknowledged the positive impact it has had on strengthening ties between their nations. Notably, the establishment of the ‘India Unit’ within the Egyptian Cabinet has played a valuable role in facilitating collaborative efforts.

During Prime Minister Modi’s visit, he was bestowed with the highest state honor of Egypt, known as the ‘Order of the Nile.’ This recognition holds particular significance as Prime Minister Modi became the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Egypt since 1997, and it marks the 13th international award received by him. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi had the honor of presenting Prime Minister Modi with this prestigious award.

Order of the Nile

The ‘Order of the Nile’ is conferred upon heads of states, crown princes, vice presidents, as well as individuals, both Egyptian and foreign, who have rendered exceptional services to Egypt or humanity. It is worth noting that recipients of this honor are commemorated even after their passing. The award itself is a collar made entirely of pure gold, consisting of three square gold units adorned with pharaonic symbols. These units symbolize the protection of the state against malevolence, the prosperity and happiness brought by the Nile, and wealth and resilience, respectively. Connecting these units is a circular gold flower adorned with turquoise and ruby. A hexagonal pendant, decorated with pharaonic-style flowers and adorned with turquoise and ruby gems, is suspended from the collar. At the center of the pendant, a prominent symbol represents the Nile, symbolizing the unity of the North and South.

During their meeting, Prime Minister Modi and President Al-Sisi engaged in comprehensive discussions aimed at enhancing the partnership between India and Egypt across various sectors. They identified key areas of cooperation, including trade and investment, information technology, defense and security, renewable energy, agriculture, health, culture, and people-to-people exchanges. Both leaders expressed their commitment to deepening these engagements for mutual benefit.

The leaders also discussed reinforcing cooperation within the G-20 framework, emphasizing the importance of addressing global issues such as food and energy insecurity, climate change, and ensuring a unified voice for the Global South. Prime Minister Modi eagerly looked forward to hosting President Al-Sisi in New Delhi in September 2023 for the G-20 Leaders Summit to pursue further collaboration on these matters.

Strategic Partnership

In a significant development, Prime Minister Modi and President Al-Sisi signed an agreement to elevate the bilateral relationship between India and Egypt to a “Strategic Partnership.” This move reflects their shared commitment to fostering a deeper and more comprehensive partnership across various sectors. Additionally, three Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) were signed in the fields of Agriculture, Archaeology & Antiquities, and Competition Law to further solidify this commitment.

The meeting witnessed the presence of several dignitaries, including the Prime Minister of Egypt, H.E. Mr. Mostafa Madbouly, and a number of senior Cabinet Ministers. Representing the Indian side were the External Affairs Minister (EAM), the National Security Advisor (NSA), and other senior officials.

The successful meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has laid a strong foundation for enhanced cooperation between India and Egypt. Both leaders expressed optimism about the future trajectory of their countries’

relations and their commitment to working together for mutual prosperity and development. The strategic partnership between India and Egypt is poised to create new avenues for collaboration in various domains, benefiting the people of both countries.

Order of the Nile – FAQs

Q1: What is the significance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Egypt?

Ans: An important turning point in India and Egypt’s bilateral ties was reached with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Egypt. He made history by being the first Indian prime minister to travel to Egypt since 1997, demonstrating the value both nations take on developing bilateral relations.

Q2: What is the ‘Order of the Nile’ and why was it bestowed upon Prime Minister Modi?

Ans: The highest governmental honour in Egypt is called the “Order of the Nile,” and it is given to people who have made remarkable contributions to mankind or Egypt. During his official visit to Egypt, Prime Minister Modi received this distinguished medal in appreciation for his efforts and accomplishments.

Q3: What is the significance of elevating the bilateral relationship between India and Egypt to a “Strategic Partnership”?

Ans: The promotion of the collaboration between Egypt and India to a “Strategic Partnership” denotes a more substantial and comprehensive partnership. It demonstrates the nations’ shared desire to cooperate in a variety of fields in order to advance their own wealth and progress.


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