Qantas Airways Ltd Appointed Vanessa Hudson As Their CEO

Vanessa Hudson was named as the new CEO of Qantas Airways Ltd on May 2. This makes her the first woman in the airline’s history to hold the role, succeeding Alan Joyce, who will retire in November. Hudson has 28 years of experience with Qantas, including Chief Customer Officer and Senior Vice President for the Americas and New Zealand.

Who Is Vanessa Hudson?

Ms. Hudson graduated from the University of Technology Sydney in 1991 and began her professional career the following year as an auditor with Deloitte, a major accounting firm. She later joined Qantas as an internal audit supervisor in 1994, and later as a financial controller in the commercial division.

Ms. Hudson’s entry into product services began in 1997 with her appointment as catering product manager, which led to her promotion to executive manager of product and services in 2005. According to Qantas, Ms. Hudson oversaw an overhaul of catering, airport, and network operations to improve commercial and consumer outcomes throughout her tenure.

She moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to become senior vice-president of the airline’s Americas division, and she returned to Sydney in 2016 as executive manager of sales and distribution, where she was responsible for revenue generation across all sales channels. In February 2018, Ms. Hudson was appointed chief customer officer, with responsibility for customer service and strategy across all Qantas operations.

Vanessa Hudson was appointed as the Qantas Group’s chief financial officer in October 2019.

About Qantas Airways Ltd

Qantas Airways Ltd, founded in 1920, is Australia’s national carrier and one of the world’s largest and oldest airlines. It offers domestic and international flights to over 85 locations in 20 countries. The main hub of Qantas is at Sydney Airport, with minor hubs at Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

As a founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance, Qantas has formed alliances with numerous airlines worldwide. JetStar Airways, a low-cost carrier, is also owned by the airline. Qantas is well-known for its safety record, and various aviation safety organizations have named it one of the world’s safest airlines. The airline offers its passengers a variety of facilities, including frequent flyer programs, lounges, in-flight entertainment, and several eating options.

Qantas Airways Ltd Appointed Vanessa Hudson – FAQs

Q1: What positions did Vanessa Hudson hold before becoming the CEO of Qantas Airways Ltd?

Ans: Vanessa Hudson held several prominent positions at Qantas before becoming CEO of Qantas Airways Ltd, including Chief Customer Officer, prominent Vice President for the Americas and New Zealand, and Chief Financial Officer.

Q2: What transformation did Vanessa Hudson oversee during her tenure at Qantas Airways Ltd?

Ans: Vanessa Hudson, according to Qantas, supervised a revolution in catering, airports, and network operations focused at improving commercial and customer outcomes.

Q3: What is Vanessa Hudson’s background?

Ans: Ms. Hudson earned a business degree from the University of Technology Sydney in 1991. The next year, she began her work as an auditor with the accounting company Deloitte before joining Qantas in 1994.


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