Rajasthan Assembly Passes The Rajasthan Minimum Guaranteed Income Bill, 2023

The Rajasthan Assembly recently approved The Rajasthan Minimum Guaranteed Income Bill, 2023. This bill aims to provide every adult in the state with a guarantee of wages or pensions.

The Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Shanti Dhariwal, described this law as “incomparable and historic.” He emphasized that Rajasthan is the first state government to introduce such an act, demonstrating their commitment to helping the poor and addressing inflation.

Key Facts About The Rajasthan Minimum Guaranteed Income Bill

  • The new Bill ensures that all families in Rajasthan, whether they live in urban or rural areas, will have access to an employment guarantee for 125 days each year.
  • Additionally, individuals who are aged, disabled, or single women will receive a minimum pension of ₹1,000 per month.
  • The pension amount will also increase automatically by 15 percent each year, providing better financial security for those in need.

Significance of the Bill

  • The passage of this bill is of great significance as it aims to address poverty and strengthen social security measures for the people of Rajasthan.
  • It guarantees a minimum income for a considerable portion of the state’s population, including those living below the poverty line.
  • Moreover, in addition to the ₹1,000 monthly pension, these individuals will also receive additional benefits such as free medical treatment up to ₹25 lahks through Chiranjeevi Yojana, accident insurance up to ₹10 lakh, free electricity up to 100 units (and up to 200 units for farmers), gas cylinders at ₹500, and Annapurna Ration Kits.

Taking into account all these benefits, the total income for eligible individuals is expected to increase significantly. This comprehensive approach aims to uplift the lives of those in need and improve their overall well-being.


What is the capital of Rajasthan?

The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur. Jaipur is also known as the Pink City, because of the color of its buildings.

What is the state animal of Rajasthan?

The state animal of Rajasthan is the camel. Camels are an important part of Rajasthan’s culture and economy. They are used for transportation, agriculture, and tourism.

What is MGNREGA?

Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) is a government-funded social security program that guarantees 100 days of unskilled manual work to rural citizens every financial year. It was launched on April 2, 2005, to provide livelihood security to rural households in India.


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