DBS Bank Appoints Rajat Verma as Head of Institutional Banking in India

Rajat Verma DBS Bank

DBS Bank India has recently made headlines with the appointment of Rajat Verma as the new managing director and head of institutional banking in India. This move comes as the current head of institutional banking, Niraj Mittal, transitions to a new role as the country head of DBS Bank in Australia. The strategic reshuffling aims to strengthen DBS Bank’s presence in both India and Australia while improving linkages with key regions.

A New Leader Takes the Helm

Rajat Verma joins DBS Bank India as the managing director and head of institutional banking, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and deep industry expertise. Verma’s previous role was with HSBC India, where he served as the managing director and country head of commercial banking in India. With this transition, DBS Bank aims to leverage Verma’s experience to further strengthen its position in the institutional banking sector in India.

Professional Background and Expertise

Rajat Verma holds an impressive academic background, having obtained an MBA from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management in Lucknow. Additionally, he earned a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from the Delhi College of Engineering. Verma’s educational foundation, combined with his extensive experience in commercial banking, makes him a valuable asset for DBS Bank India.

About DBS Bank

DBS Bank Limited, formerly known as The Development Bank of Singapore Limited, is a prominent Singaporean multinational banking and financial services corporation. Its headquarters are located at the Marina Bay Financial Centre in the Marina Bay district of Singapore. In 2003, the bank adopted its abbreviated name, DBS, to reflect its global presence and role as a leading international bank.

DBS Bank holds a significant position within Singapore’s banking landscape and is considered one of the “Big Three” banks in the country, alongside OCBC Bank and United Overseas Bank (UOB). The bank’s commitment to innovation, customer-centric services, and strategic expansion has contributed to its reputation as a trusted financial institution both in Singapore and globally.


DBS Bank’s appointment of Rajat Verma as the managing director and head of institutional banking in India highlights the bank’s commitment to strengthening its position in the Indian market. Verma’s expertise and experience in commercial banking make him a valuable addition to DBS Bank India. With this strategic move, DBS Bank aims to enhance its institutional banking offerings while fostering growth and improved linkages with key regions. As DBS Bank continues to solidify its presence in the financial industry, it reinforces its reputation as a leading global bank.

Rajat Verma as Head of Institutional Banking – FAQs

Q1: What is the objective behind DBS Bank’s reshuffling of roles?

Ans: DBS Bank’s planned job restructuring intends to improve operations and presence there as well as in Australia and India. The bank hopes to strengthen ties with important areas and strengthen its market position in these nations by hiring Niraj Mittal as the country head of DBS Bank in Australia and Rajat Verma as the head of institutional banking in India.

Q2: What is DBS Bank’s role in Singapore’s banking landscape?

Ans: In Singapore’s banking sector, DBS Bank has a considerable presence. Along with OCBC Bank and UOB, it is regarded as one of the “Big Three” financial institutions in the nation. The dedication of DBS Bank to innovation, customer-centered services, and strategic development has helped to establish its standing as a reliable financial institution both domestically and internationally.

Q3: How does DBS Bank aim to differentiate itself in the market?

Ans: DBS Bank sets itself apart from competitors in the market by its dedication to sustainable financing, innovative thinking, and customer-centric philosophy. The bank uses technology to improve client convenience and efficiency while aiming to deliver personalised banking experiences. Additionally, DBS Bank stands apart from its rivals because to its emphasis on sustainability and ethical banking practises.


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