China, Russia, and Iran Conduct Joint Naval Exercise to Safeguard Maritime Routes

China, Russia, and Iran have embarked on a joint naval exercise named “Security Bond-2023” in the Gulf of Oman. This five-day exercise focuses on protecting critical maritime routes and involves activities such as aerial search operations, sea rescue operations, fleet formations, and assigned tasks. China has deployed the guided-missile destroyer ‘Nanning’ and other warships for the drills, with an emphasis on non-combat missions like sea rescue and search operations.

Simultaneous with the Largest Middle East Maritime Exercise:

The “Security Bond” drills coincide with the final phase of the International Maritime Exercise 2023 (IMX 2023), the largest maritime exercise in the Middle East region. IMX 2023, involving 50 countries and international agencies such as the US, France, Pakistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, NATO, and Interpol, commenced on March 2 at the US 5th Fleet headquarters in Bahrain.

Guided-Missile Destroyer ‘Nanning’:

The ‘Nanning’ is a 7,500-tonne guided-missile destroyer equipped with state-of-the-art integrated radar and a 64-cell vertical launch system capable of deploying various missiles for air defense, land attack, anti-ship, and anti-submarine purposes. Launched on February 23, 2019, the ‘Nanning’ has participated in missions in the Indian Ocean, the Pakistan-led naval exercise AMAN-23, and the International Defense Exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

Promoting Maritime Security and Regional Stability:

The joint naval exercise aims to demonstrate the collective determination and capabilities of China, Russia, and Iran in safeguarding maritime security. It seeks to promote regional peace and stability by fostering a shared future for the sea. While the United States views these drills without considering them as a new threat, it remains watchful of the growing ties between these countries. The exercise serves as a platform for enhancing practical cooperation among participating navies and making a positive impact on regional peace and stability.


The joint naval exercise “Security Bond-2023” brings together China, Russia, and Iran to protect vital maritime routes in the Gulf of Oman. Taking place alongside the International Maritime Exercise 2023, the drills demonstrate the commitment of the participating nations to safeguarding maritime security. Through non-combat missions and practical cooperation, the exercise aims to enhance regional peace and stability.

Safeguard Maritime Routes – FAQs

Q1: What is the objective of the joint naval exercise?

Ans: The combined naval exercise aims to demonstrate the participating countries’ collective will and capacity to protect maritime security. Additionally, it aims to build regional peace and stability through fostering a common future for the sea.

Q2: How does the exercise contribute to regional peace and stability?

Ans: The exercise improves the practical cooperation between the participating navies, which benefits regional peace and stability. It underlines China, Russia, and Iran’s dedication to maritime security.

Q3: What is the significance of the guided-missile destroyer ‘Nanning’?

Ans: The “Nanning” is a 7,500-ton guided-missile destroyer with a vertical launch system that can fire air defence, land assault, anti-ship, and anti-submarine missiles. It is also equipped with an innovative integrated radar. It has previously taken part in missions in the Indian Ocean, the naval drill AMAN-23 organised by Pakistan, and the Abu Dhabi International Defence Exhibition.


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