Sangathan Se Samriddhi Campaign Helps Rural Women Bring Into SHGs Network

The “Sangathan Se Samriddhi” initiative was started by Minister of Rural Development Giriraj Singh to help poor rural families. To do this, the programme works to ensure that all eligible rural women join Self Help Groups (SHGs). The minister stated during the launch of the campaign that the government wants to boost SHG coverage to 10 crore women, an increase of one crore from the current 9 crore.

Significance Of This Campaign

Mr Singh expressed pleasure with the significant rise in SHG membership, which increased from 2.35 crore in May 2014 to over 9 crore at the moment. The government wants to ensure that every woman associated with SHGs earns at least one lakh rupees per year, he added. He also advised women to grow millet to improve their possibilities for employment.

What Are SHGs?

Self-help groups (SHGs) are informally organised associations of people who meet voluntarily to raise their level of living. They are described as a self-managed, mutual assistance organisation of individuals who share a comparable socioeconomic condition and strive to accomplish a shared objective. SHGs uphold the “self-help” philosophy in order to encourage self-employment and reduce poverty. SHGs’ main goal is to increase the employment and income prospects of underprivileged and disadvantaged people.

Q1: What is Sangathan Se Samriddhi Campaign?

Ans: With the help of the Sangathan Se Samriddhi scheme, the government will expand the number of women in SHGs from the existing 9 crores to 10 crores.

Q2: Why Sangathan Se Samriddhi campaign is important?

Ans: The government wants to make sure that each woman connected with SHGs makes at least one lakh rupees annually, he continued. He also suggested that women produce millet to increase their chances of employment.

Q3: Why SHGs important?

Ans: Self-help groups (SHGs) are informally structured groupings of individuals who gather voluntarily to improve their standard of living. They are characterised as a self-managed, mutual help group of people working towards a common goal while living in similar socioeconomic circumstances.


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