Egypt Clinches Victory in SDAT WSF Squash World Cup Championship

The recent SDAT (Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu) WSF (World Squash Federation) Squash World Cup Championship concluded with Egypt emerging as the champions after a thrilling victory over Malaysia. Held from 13 to 17 June at the Express Avenue Mall in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, the tournament showcased intense competition among eight participating countries, including India, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, and Colombia.

Egypt’s Triumph over Malaysia:

In an exciting final match, Egypt secured a 2-1 victory over Malaysia, claiming the coveted title of champions. The Egyptian team showcased their exceptional skills and determination throughout the tournament, culminating in a well-deserved win in the final. Malaysia, displaying remarkable performance, earned the silver medal in this fiercely contested championship.

Hosts India and Japan Share Third Place:

The third-place position was jointly occupied by the host nation, India, and Japan. Both teams exhibited commendable performances throughout the tournament, showcasing their prowess in the sport of squash.

Honors and Recognitions:

In a grand ceremony, the winning team from Egypt was honored with the golden cup by the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, M.K. Stalin. This recognition further highlights the significance of the championship and the exceptional talent displayed by the victorious Egyptian team.

Key Personalities in Squash:

Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin, leads the state, including its sports development initiatives. Udhayanidhi Stalin, the Minister for Youth Welfare and Sports Development of Tamil Nadu, plays a crucial role in promoting sports and nurturing young talent in the state. N. Ramachandran, Chairman of Squash Rackets Federation of India (SRFI) and Vice Chairman of SDAT (Sports Development Authority of Tamil Nadu), plays a vital role in shaping the sport of squash in India.

Egypt’s Legacy in World Squash Championship:

It is worth noting that Egypt’s recent triumph in the SDAT WSF Squash World Cup Championship adds to their remarkable track record in the tournament. They had previously clinched the title in the 2011 edition of the World Cup, which was also held in Chennai.


The SDAT WSF Squash World Cup Championship in Chennai witnessed intense battles among top squash-playing nations. Egypt’s outstanding performance and victory over Malaysia solidified their position as champions. The tournament provided an excellent platform for players to showcase their skills, while also fostering international camaraderie among participating nations.

SDAT WSF Squash World Cup Championship – FAQs

Q1: Where was the SDAT WSF Squash World Cup Championship held?

Ans: In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, at the Express Avenue Mall, the competition took place.

Q2: Which countries participated in the tournament?

Ans: India, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa, Australia, and Colombia were among the eight nations that took part.

Q3: Who secured the silver medal in the tournament?

Ans: Malaysia won the SDAT WSF Squash World Cup Championship’s silver medal.


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