The Malayalam translation of Krishna – the 7th Sense was unveiled by Governor Arif Mohammed Khan

Debashis Chatterjee, the globally acclaimed management guru and author of 18 non-fiction books, witnessed the release of the Malayalam translation of his debut novel “Krishna – the 7th Sense.” The event, graced by Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, also unveiled the latest edition of Chatterjee’s work “Karma Sutras – Leadership and Wisdom in Uncertain Times,” which serves as the lead book of the IIMK-Penguin Series for New Managers.

Krishna: The 7th Sense – An Allegorical Tale

In “Krishna: The 7th Sense,” Chatterjee weaves an allegorical narrative around a teacher named Keshav and his former students, Neel, Kaya, and others, imparting profound lessons in love and life. The novel beautifully blends timeless wisdom with contemporary insights, delivering a captivating saga of passion, pain, faith, and fulfillment.

Rediscovering Love and Life’s Purpose

The book invites readers to rediscover ecstatic love and explore life’s purpose from a timeless perspective. With Shri Krishna as a mentor, characters navigate life’s complexities, learning the art of self-completion and connecting with their true source – love, the “seventh sense.”

A Literary Gem: “The Prophet meets The Alchemist”

“Krishna: The 7th Sense” has garnered acclaim for its unique fusion of profound insights reminiscent of “The Prophet” and the enchanting storytelling akin to “The Alchemist.” It takes readers on a transformative journey, leaving a lasting impact on their hearts and minds.


Debashis Chatterjee’s latest works, “Krishna – the 7th Sense” and “Karma Sutras,” continue to captivate readers and inspire new managers. The event, graced by the presence of Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, highlights the significance of Chatterjee’s literary contributions in the realms of management and storytelling. The books’ allegorical charm, timeless wisdom, and captivating narrative make them essential reads for those seeking love, leadership, and wisdom in the midst of uncertain times.

The Malayalam translation of Krishna – FAQs

Q1: What is “Krishna – the 7th Sense”?

Ans: Debut novel “Krishna – the 7th Sense” by internationally renowned management expert Debashis Chatterjee is noteworthy. It presents a metaphorical story with important teachings about love and life.

Q2: What is the significance of the event where the translation was unveiled?

Ans: The occasion saw the release of the Malayalam version of “Krishna – the 7th Sense” to a new audience, allowing them to take in Debashis Chatterjee’s fascinating story.

Q3: How does the novel impact readers?

Ans: As they explore themes of love, purpose, and self-discovery, the book takes readers on a transforming trip that leaves a lasting impression on their hearts and minds.


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