Byculla Station Receives Prestigious UNESCO Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage Award

UNESCO Award Recognition

The historic Byculla Railway Station in Mumbai has been awarded the prestigious UNESCO Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage award in recognition of its extensive restoration efforts. The award, declared in November of the previous year, celebrates the station’s significant contribution to cultural heritage conservation.

Initiators of Restoration Work

‘I Love Mumbai,’ an NGO, led the restoration project of Byculla Railway Station in collaboration with heritage conservation architect Abha Lamba and Minal Bajaj of Bajaj Trust, crucial partners in the conservation efforts.

UNESCO Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage Award

Byculla Railway Station: A Historical Landmark

  • Oldest Railway Station in India Still in Use: Byculla Railway Station, standing for 169 years, holds the distinction of being one of India’s oldest operational railway stations, reflecting the country’s rich railway heritage.
  • Grade-I Heritage Structure: Byculla Railway Station is designated as a Grade-I heritage structure, underscoring its architectural and historical significance, emphasizing the need for preservation.

Other Heritage Railway Stations in Mumbai

Mumbai boasts several historically significant railway stations, including Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus, Western Railways Headquarters Building (Churchgate), Bandra railway station, and Reay Road railway station, contributing to the city’s cultural heritage.

Historical Significance of Byculla Railway Station

Byculla Railway Station played a pivotal role in the early operations of the Bombay-Thane railway and witnessed the arrival of Mumbai’s first locomotive, marking the beginning of railway transportation in the city.

Byculla Station

UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation

The UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation, established in 2000, aim to acknowledge exceptional efforts in conserving or restoring heritage structures, places, and properties in the region, recognizing both private sector entities and public-private collaborations.

Objectives of the UNESCO Project

The UNESCO project focuses on promoting heritage conservation practices, facilitating research and professional practice exchange, building capacity in heritage conservation, engaging youth in preserving cultural heritage, and enhancing knowledge management of Asian heritage. These initiatives seek to protect and promote cultural heritage for the benefit of present and future generations.

UNESCO Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage Award – FAQs

Q1: What is the significance of Byculla Railway Station receiving the UNESCO Asia Pacific Cultural Heritage award?

Ans: Byculla Railway Station has made a significant contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage, as evidenced by its receipt of the renowned UNESCO award. The honor highlights the historical significance of the station in India’s railway heritage and recognizes the considerable restoration work that returned the station to its former splendor.

Q2: What makes Byculla Railway Station historically significant?

Ans: With a 169-year existence, Byculla Railway Station has the distinction of being one of India’s oldest operating railroad stations. Its status as a Grade-I heritage structure, which emphasizes the value of conserving its original design and features for future generations, makes it an extremely valuable architectural and historical landmark.

Q3: What is the objective of the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation?

Ans: The UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation seek to honor exceptional efforts made in the preservation or restoration of regionally significant buildings, sites, and properties. These honors also recognize the contributions made by organizations in the corporate sector and public-private partnerships in preserving cultural heritage assets.


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