IGNCA to Host Unique Exhibition Showcasing World Heritage on Banknotes

The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA) is preparing to host an extraordinary exhibition entitled “Banking on World Heritage.” Curated by Ms. Rukmini Dahanukar, founder of ‘Money Talks’ and an independent scholar, this one-of-a-kind exhibition will showcase banknotes featuring world heritage sites listed by UNESCO. The exhibition aims to offer a fresh perspective on these cultural treasures and will be held at IGNCA from June 30th to July 9th, 2023. This event holds great significance as it aligns with India’s presidency of the G-20 Summit, India’s 75th year of independence, and the 50th year of UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention.

Inauguration and Theme: Celebrating Universal Values

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Smt. Meenakashi Lekhi, Minister of State for External Affairs and Culture. The ceremony will be attended by High Commissioners and Ambassadors from G-20 countries. The exhibition’s theme, “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” or “One Earth One Family One Future,” perfectly captures the exceptional universal values of world heritage.

Showcasing Global Heritage: Banknotes as Artistic Medium

This exhibition offers visitors a remarkable opportunity to witness the portrayal of UNESCO World Heritage Sites through banknotes. The G-20 member countries have contributed their currencies, making this collection a valuable representation of diverse civilizations. Each banknote serves as a miniature canvas, highlighting the grand monuments and historic wonders that have shaped our shared human history.

Educating through Currency: Connecting Culture and Humanity

Using banknotes as a medium, the exhibition aims to educate millennials and younger generations about their culture and heritage. Ms. Dahanukar’s passion for collecting banknotes has culminated in this remarkable exhibition, which brings together the rich diversity of Indian languages and reflects the unity in India’s cultural tapestry. The exhibition will demonstrate how these banknotes become a projection of India and reflect the connection between humanity and culture.

Coins: Portals to the Past

In addition to the banknote exhibition, IGNCA will organize a panel discussion featuring esteemed speakers, including Sri Sudhakar Kazar, Prof. Poonam Mahajan, Sri Ashish Chandra, Sri Anand Kothari, and Ms. Rukamini Dahanukar. The discussion will shed light on the invaluable historical insights that coins provide. Coins serve as tangible artifacts that allow us to reconstruct ancient Indian history, providing glimpses into the reigns of kings, economic systems, the extent of empires, trade routes, and the art and religion of their respective eras.

Unique Exhibition Showcasing World Heritage – FAQs

Q1: What is the title of the exhibition that IGNCA is hosting?

Ans: The IGNCA is presenting the exhibition “Banking on World Heritage,” which features banknotes with images of UNESCO-designated world heritage sites.

Q2: Why is the exhibition significant?

Ans: The exhibition is an important occasion as it coincides with India’s G-20 Summit leadership, its 75th anniversary of independence, and the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention.

Q3: What role do coins play in the exhibition?

Ans: We can recreate ancient Indian history using coins since they are physical artefacts that reveal details about monarch reigns, economic systems, empires, trade routes, art, and religion. This topic will be further discussed by a panel.


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