Amit Shah Launched ‘Vibrant Villages Programme’ In Arunachal

Recently, the border village of Kibithoo hosted Union Home Minister Amit Shah for the launch of the “Vibrant Villages Programme” (VVP).

There is a determined attempt to upgrade the infrastructure in the border regions due to the continued stalemate with China and the ongoing threat near the nation’s borders. On February 15, the Union Cabinet approved a grant of Rs 4,800 crore for the Center’s “Vibrant Villages Programme” as part of this initiative.

Shah stated that the program’s initial phase intends to cover a population of roughly 1.42 lakh people. The project to develop the infrastructure and provide employment opportunities in the border regions has been given a budget of Rs 4,800 crore by the government. 2,500 crore rupees of this sum are set up just for building road infrastructure.

In order to prevent duplication, the VVP is purposefully different from the Border Area Development Programme. The overall allocation spans the fiscal years 2022–2023–2025–2026.

How ‘Vibrant Villages Programme’ Will Be Beneficial?

The village development programme was first mentioned in the 2022 Budget, and among its goals are to encourage considerable development in villages close to China’s border and improve the standard of living for those living in designated border villages.

The quality of life in these places can be improved, reducing migration and enhancing security. The Parliamentary Standing Committee brought up the underdevelopment, illiteracy, and lack of basic infrastructure in our border regions in 2018. The VVP works to address these issues.

Which States Will Benefit From The ‘Vibrant Villages Programme’?

Under this government-supported plan, a total of 2,967 villages in 19 districts and 46 blocks have been designated for extensive improvement. In the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, as well as the Union Territory of Ladakh, these settlements are situated close to the border. The initial phase of the initiative’s priority coverage would focus on about 662 communities.

The effort also aims to discourage migration and promote local culture, traditional knowledge, and legacy in order to make use of the border regions’ tourism potential. Additionally, the program’s objective is to create sustainable eco-agribusinesses based on the “One village-One product” idea and to do so by utilising non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations, cooperatives, and self-help groups.

To ensure the complete implementation of federal and state programmes, the district administration would create action plans with the help of the Gramme Panchayats for the identified villages. In the border regions, the programme aims to provide necessities including potable water, 24-hour electricity, all-weather road access, cooking gas, and cell and internet connectivity. Solar and wind energy, tourist attractions, multipurpose buildings, and medical infrastructure, including wellness centres, will all receive special attention.

“Shah said that under this programme, village development work would take place at three levels when introducing the project in Kibithoo. The Indian government will make sure that everyone living in the villages has access to necessities and that they receive benefits from various programmes. The statement added, “The Union Home Minister also confirmed that there would be basic utilities in every home in the border settlements.

Vibrant Villages Programme – FAQs

Q1: What is the meaning of the Vibrant Village Programme?

Ans: The Finance Minister’s Budget Speech for 2022 included an announcement on the Vibrant Villages Programme (VVP). The strategy plans to encompass border settlements along the northern border that have a small population, poor infrastructure, and limited connectivity and therefore frequently miss out on development benefits.

Q2: When was Vibrant Village Programme launched?

Ans: The Vibrant Village programme was introduced on April 7, 2023, in the border village of Kibithu, Arunachal Pradesh, by India’s Home Minister, Amit Shah. The Vibrant Village programme was introduced on April 7, 2023, in Kibithu, a border village in Arunachal Pradesh, by India’s Home Minister Amit Shah.

Q3: Which ministry is under the vibrant village programme?

Ans: The government suggested the integrated and creative “Vibrant Village Programme” during this year’s budget allocation to the Ministry of Tourism with the goal of developing tourism infrastructure and facilities in border communities.


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