Virat Ramayan Temple Construction Begins, Expected to Surpass Ayodhya’s Ram Lala Temple in Size

The construction of the world’s largest temple, the Virat Ramayan temple, has commenced in Bihar’s east Champaran district. Led by Acharya Kishor Kunal, the Chairman of Shree Mahavir Asthan Nyas Samiti, this magnificent temple is expected to surpass the size of the under-construction Ram Lala temple in Ayodhya. With its impressive specifications and sprawling complex, the Virat Ramayan temple is set to become a remarkable landmark in the region.

Temple Specifications:

The Virat Ramayan temple will occupy an impressive area of 3.67 lakh square feet, boasting a main structure standing at a towering height of 270 feet, accompanied by another structure reaching 198 feet in height. In addition to these structures, the temple will feature four more structures designed to reach a height of 180 feet each. Comparatively, the temple itself will span 280 feet in length and 540 feet in width, surpassing the dimensions of the Ayodhya temple, which measures 360 feet in length and 235 feet in width.

Temple Complex:

Within the expansive temple premises, visitors will find 22 temples dedicated to Shaiva and Vaishnav gods and goddesses. The site, which covers an area of 120 acres, will be developed as Janki Nagar, a comprehensive complex housing an ashram, gurukul (educational institution), dharamshala (guesthouse), and various other facilities. This comprehensive approach aims to create a spiritual and educational hub for devotees and visitors alike.

Materials Used:

The construction of the Virat Ramayan temple will involve the usage of a staggering 250 tons of Mahabalipuram granite. This exquisite granite will be skillfully crafted to create a Shivling (symbolic representation of Lord Shiva) as well as a Sahastra Shivling (a thousand lingams), an architectural feat not seen in the country since the 8th century. The use of such premium materials highlights the attention to detail and craftsmanship that will be showcased in this grand temple.

Cost and Comparative Analysis:

The estimated cost of constructing the Virat Ramayan temple is ₹500 crore, emphasizing the significant investment being made to bring this architectural marvel to life. Moreover, once completed, the ‘Ramayan temple’ in Bihar will surpass the current largest temple, the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia, which was built in the 12th century. With its towering presence, the Virat Ramayan temple will overshadow the Angkor Wat temple and secure its place as a remarkable religious and cultural landmark.


The commencement of construction on the Virat Ramayan temple in Bihar marks the beginning of a remarkable project that will leave an indelible mark on the region. With its impressive size, intricate design, and comprehensive complex, the temple is set to become a spiritual and educational hub for devotees and visitors alike. As the construction progresses, the anticipation builds for the unveiling of this majestic temple, which will undoubtedly attract devotees and tourists from far and wide to witness its grandeur.

Virat Ramayan Temple – FAQs

Q1: What is the Virat Ramayan temple?

Ans: The largest temple in the world—currently under construction in Bihar’s east Champaran district—is known as the Virat Ramayan temple.

Q2: What are the specifications of the Virat Ramayan temple?

Ans: The temple will have a 3.67 lakh square foot footprint and a 270 foot main structure, with a second structure reaching a height of 198 feet. Four further structures will be built, each with a height of 180 feet.

Q3: What will be included within the temple complex?

Ans: There will be 22 temples honouring Shaiva and Vaishnav gods and goddesses on the grounds of the temple. The area will also be transformed into Janki Nagar, which will include an ashram, gurukul, dharamshala, and other amenities.


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