‘When Climate Change Turns Violent’ Documentary Honored at Film Festival

A documentary titled ‘When Climate Change Turns Violent’ has garnered significant recognition at the 4th Annual Health for All Film Festival, held at the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva. The film, directed by Vandita Saharia from Rajasthan, received a special prize in the ‘Health for All’ category. Notably, Vandita Saharia was the sole Indian among the winners, marking a significant achievement for the country’s film industry.

Festival Highlights

The festival attracted the presence of notable actors, producers, public figures, and participants from around the world, both in person and online. The event witnessed the announcement of winning films across seven different categories, with an additional four films receiving special mentions from the jury. A distinguished panel comprising renowned professionals, artists, and activists, including Sharon Stone, Alfonso Herrera, Sherrie Silver, Sophia Kianni, and Adelle Onyango, along with senior United Nations officials and WHO staff, served as judges for the films.

List of Awarded Films

  1. UHC “Grand Prix”: “Jonathan’s Miracle Feet” – Sierra Leone / Disability, clubfoot
    Directed by Mamihasina Raminosoa and Nantenaina Rakotondranivo from Madagascar on behalf of the NGO Miracle Feet. The documentary showcases the journey of a child with clubfoot in Sierra Leone. Duration: 3’19”
  2. Health Emergencies “Grand Prix”: “Nurses facing Covid / Na Lihna de Frente” – Brazil / COVID-19 and access to care
    Directed by Klimt Publicidade and the institution Conselho Federal de Enfermagem – Cofen – from Brazil. This documentary sheds light on the challenges faced by nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Duration: 8′
  3. Better Health and Well-being “Grand Prix”: “One in 36 Million: Story of Childhood Lead Poisoning in Bangladesh” – Environmental health
    Directed by Mitali Das and Arifur Rahman from Bangladesh for the NGO Pure Earth Bangladesh. The film uncovers the issue of childhood lead poisoning in Bangladesh. Duration: 6’32”
  4. Special Prize Climate Change and Health Film: “When climate change turns violent” – Global / Gender-based violence and climate change
    Directed by Vandita Saharia from India. This documentary explores the connection between climate change and gender-based violence. Duration: 4’32”
  5. Special Prize Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Film: “Vulvo and Dynia” – Israel / Vulvodynia
    Directed by Dina Stescovich from Israel. This fictional film delves into the subject of vulvodynia, focusing on sexual and reproductive health and rights. Duration: 4’13”
  6. Student Film Prize: “Gasping for life” – Germany / Mental health, screens addiction, anxiety, depression
    Directed by Su Hyun Hong from Germany. An animated film that addresses mental health issues, including screen addiction, anxiety, and depression. Duration: 8′
  7. Special Prize Very Short Film: “Mirrors” – Sweden / Mental health, depression
    Directed by Paul Jerndal from Sweden. This fictional film explores themes of mental health, particularly depression.


The 4th Annual Health for All Film Festival held at the WHO headquarters in Geneva celebrated exceptional films that shed light on various health-related topics. Vandita Saharia’s documentary ‘When Climate Change Turns Violent’ received the special prize in the ‘Health for All’ category, affirming the film’s powerful exploration of the intersection between climate change and gender-based violence. The festival served as a platform to raise awareness about critical global health issues and recognize talented filmmakers from diverse backgrounds.

‘When Climate Change Turns Violent’ Documentary – FAQs

Q1: What is the title of the honored documentary at the film festival?

Ans: When Climate Change Turns Violent is the name of the celebrated film.

Q2: Who were the judges for the film festival?

Ans: A remarkable group of experts, creatives, and activists served as the judges, including well-known actors Sharon Stone and Alfonso Herrera, choreographer Sherrie Silver, climate activist Sophia Kianni, and media personality Adelle Onyango. Members of the WHO and senior United Nations officials made up the judging panel as well.

Q3: What category did the documentary win in?

Ans: It is not stated the particular category the documentary won in.


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