World Bank President Ajay Banga Named In 2023 List Of Great Immigrants

Ajay Banga, the President of the World Bank, has been honored on the prestigious annual “Great Immigrants” list by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. This recognition acknowledges his significant contributions and endeavors in enhancing the United States and its democratic values. With a remarkable career spanning more than three decades in various leadership roles, the 63-year-old Banga is poised to bring about transformative policies at the World Bank. His focus includes tackling poverty and addressing the challenges of climate change, with the aim of creating opportunities for people worldwide. Through his leadership, Banga aims to make a positive and lasting impact on global development.

About the Great Immigrant list

Every year on the Fourth of July, which marks America’s Independence Day, the Carnegie Corporation of New York pays tribute to a group of exceptional individuals who have become naturalized citizens and have made significant contributions to the United States.

  • These individuals are recognized for enriching and strengthening the nation and its democratic values through their actions and accomplishments.
  • The honorees represent a diverse group of 35 individuals from 33 different countries, coming from various backgrounds and professions.
  • They include educators, mentors, philanthropists, job creators, public servants, storytellers, and advocates who have dedicated themselves to fostering opportunities and making a positive impact in their respective fields.
  • The Carnegie Corporation of New York, founded by Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie and currently led by Irish immigrant Dame Louise Richardson, is a prominent philanthropic foundation.
  • The corporation acknowledges the vital role played by naturalized citizens in shaping America as a land of opportunity for all.
  • Through this annual recognition, the corporation celebrates the achievements and contributions of naturalized citizens, highlighting their invaluable role in the nation’s progress and emphasizing the inclusive nature of the American society.

2023 Great Immigrant list includes

Among the distinguished individuals recognized by the Carnegie Corporation of New York are –

  • Vietnamese-born Academy Award-winning actor Ke Huy Quan
  • Chilean-born actor Pedro Pascal,
  • Nigerian-born Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, the Director-General of the World Trade Organization,
  • US Congressman Ted Lieu, who was born in Taiwan,
  • Grammy Award-winning singer and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Angélique Kidjo, who hails from Benin,
  • Polish-born Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann from Cornell University
  • Guido Imbens, an economist born in the Netherlands and a Nobel Laureate, who currently serves as a Professor of Economics at Stanford University.

These individuals, originating from different countries, have made significant contributions to their respective fields and have brought their unique perspectives and talents to enrich American society.

Their achievements exemplify the spirit of the “Great Immigrants” list, which acknowledges the remarkable impact of naturalized citizens in shaping and strengthening the United States.


Where is the headquarters of the World Bank?

The headquarters of the World Bank is located in Washington, D.C., United States.

Who is the current President of the World Bank?

The current President of the World Bank is Ajay Banga. He was selected on May 3, 2023 and began his five-year term on June 2, 2023. Banga is an Indian-American businessman who previously served as Vice Chairman at General Atlantic and President and CEO of Mastercard. He is the first person of Indian origin to lead the World Bank.


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