World Veterinary Day 2023 Observed on 29th April

World Veterinary Day is celebrated on the last Saturday of April each year to raise awareness about the crucial role of veterinarians in promoting animal health, welfare, and public health. This year, the event is observed on April 29th

World Veterinary Day 2023

The purpose of this day is to honour the dedication and hard work of veterinary professionals who work tirelessly to safeguard the health and safety of animals and humans. 

It is a chance to acknowledge the global veterinary community’s efforts to improve animal welfare and health and to seek support for their important work.

World Veterinary Day 2023 – Theme

  • The theme for this year’s World Veterinary Day is “Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness in the Veterinary Profession” for 2023. 
  • The focus is on promoting and celebrating diversity, equity, and inclusivity within the veterinary profession. 
  • The aim is to encourage the veterinary community to work together towards creating a more inclusive and equitable environment that benefits all animals, veterinary professionals, and society as a whole.

World Veterinary Day 2023 – Significance

  • World Veterinary Day is a significant event because it serves as an opportunity to raise awareness about the important role of veterinarians in protecting animal health, welfare, and public health. 
  • It highlights the crucial work of veterinary professionals in promoting animal welfare and improving the lives of animals around the world. They work in various settings to promote animal welfare, such as farms, zoos, and wildlife habitats.
  • It also provides a platform for the global veterinary community to come together and celebrate their achievements and seek support for their work. 
  • World Veterinary Day helps to promote the important values of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness within the veterinary profession, and recognizes the hard work and dedication of veterinary professionals in safeguarding the health and wellbeing of animals and humans alike.

World Veterinary Day 2023 – History

  • World Veterinary Day (WVD) was established by the World Veterinary Association (WVA) on April 29, 2000. 
  • The first World Veterinary Day was celebrated on April 29, 2000, to mark the 250th anniversary of the establishment of the first veterinary school in Lyon, France. 
    • Since then, the event has been celebrated annually on the last Saturday of April, with a new theme each year that focuses on a specific aspect of veterinary medicine. 
  • WVD provides an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the significant contributions made by veterinarians to society, as well as to raise awareness about the field of veterinary medicine.
  • Veterinary associations and organisations worldwide organise various events and celebrations on this day, and the WVA also presents the World Veterinary Day Awards.
    • These awards are given to individuals or organisations that have made notable contributions to veterinary medicine and animal welfare.

World Veterinary Association

  • The World Veterinary Association (WVA) is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 1863
  • It represents more than 500,000 veterinarians from around the world and works to promote animal health and welfare, as well as public health. 
  • The WVA supports the veterinary profession by providing a platform for veterinary associations to collaborate, share knowledge, and engage in global initiatives. 
  • The organisation also provides guidance on animal welfare policies and promotes continuing education and professional development for veterinarians. 
  • The WVA is the driving force behind the establishment of World Veterinary Day and presents the annual World Veterinary Day Awards to recognize and honour individuals or organisations that have made significant contributions to veterinary medicine and animal welfare.


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