India’s Historic Achievement at the 25th Asian Athletics Championship 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand

The 25th Asian Athletics Championship, held in Bangkok, Thailand, from July 12 to 16, 2023, witnessed India’s remarkable performance, reaching a historic milestone in the world of athletics. India’s outstanding display of talent resulted in a total of 27 medals – six gold, 12 silver, and nine bronze – securing them the third position in the overall standings, trailing only behind Japan and China. This achievement surpassed India’s previous record set in 2017 at Bhubaneswar, where they won nine gold, six silver, and 12 bronze medals.

Medal Winners: Exceptional Talent on Display
India’s athletes showcased their incredible talents across various events, and their medal tally reflected their hard work and dedication.

Gold Medal Winners:

1Jyothi Yarraji100m hurdles
2Parul Chaudhary3000m steeplechase
3Tajinderpal Singh ToorShot put
4Abdulla AboobackerTriple jump
5Ajay Kumar Saroj1500m
6*Mixed Relay Team (Rajesh Ramesh, Aishwarya Mishra, Amoj Jacob, Subha Venkatesan)4x400m

Silver Medal Winners:

1Jyothi Yarraji200m
3Parul Chaudhary5000m
4Priyanka Goswami20km racewalk
5Shaili SinghLong jump
6Abha KhatuaShot put
7Swapna BarmanHeptathlon
8DP ManuJavelin
9M. SreeshankarLong jump
10Sarvesh Anil KushareHigh jump
11*Men’s relay Team (Amoj Jacob, Muhammed Variyathodi, Rajesh Ramesh, Mijo Kurian)4×400

Bronze Medal Winners:

1Manpreet KaurShot put
2*Women’s relay team (Rezoana Mallick, Aishwarya Mishra, Jyothika Sri Dandi, Subha Venkatesan)4x400m
4Aishwarya Mishra400m
5Tejaswin ShankarDecathlon
6Santhosh Kumar400m hurdles
7Vikash Singh20km racewalk
8Abhishek Pal10000m
9Gulveer Singh5000m

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Asian Athletics Association:

The year 2023 marked a momentous occasion as the Asian Athletics Association celebrated its 50th anniversary since its establishment. Athletes from across the continent competed fiercely, showcasing their prowess in various events.

Japan’s Dominance:

Japan’s athletes excelled throughout the championship, securing the top position on the medal tally with a remarkable haul of 37 medals – 16 gold, 11 silver, and 10 bronze. Their exceptional performance showcased their dedication and talent.

China’s Impressive Presence:

China’s athletes displayed remarkable determination, securing the second position with a total of 22 medals – eight gold, eight silver, and six bronze. Their consistent performance was a testament to their hard work and commitment.


The 25th Asian Athletics Championship in Bangkok witnessed India’s historic achievement, as they garnered a total of 27 medals, including six gold, 12 silver, and nine bronze. This remarkable feat placed India in the third position overall, surpassing their previous records. The Championship also marked the Asian Athletics Association’s 50th anniversary, a celebration of sportsmanship and the spirit of unity among athletes from diverse nations. As India continues to nurture its exceptional athletes, the future holds great promise for the nation’s athletic prowess on the international stage.

25th Asian Athletics Championship 2023 – FAQs

Q1: What was India’s performance at the 25th Asian Athletics Championship 2023?

Ans: At the 25th Asian Athletics Championship in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2023, India made history. Their outstanding haul of 27 medals, which included six gold, twelve silver, and nine bronze, placed them third overall in the competition.

Q2: How does India’s performance in 2023 compare to its previous record?

Ans: India’s performance in 2023 broke its previous mark, which had been established in Bhubaneswar in 2017. They took home 27 medals overall in 2017, including nine gold, six silver, and 12 bronze. With six gold, twelve silver, and nine bronze medals this year, they increased their total number of medals.

Q3: How significant was the 2023 Asian Athletics Championship for the Asian Athletics Association?

Ans: The Asian Athletics Association was founded in 2023, which will be its 50th anniversary. The competition was a unique event honouring good sportsmanship and the sense of camaraderie among sportsmen from different Asian nations.


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