Qu-Dongyu Re-elected as Director General of FAO at 43rd Session of UN Conference

The 43rd session of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) conference took place at the FAO headquarters in Rome on July 1, 2023. During this conference, Qu-Dongyu was re-elected as the Director General of FAO, reaffirming his position as the head of this important UN agency.

Qu-Dongyu’s Re-election:

Qu-Dongyu first assumed the role of Director General in 2019, becoming the first Chinese national to hold this position. Since then, he has demonstrated proactive leadership in addressing global food security challenges and promoting the development of food and agriculture in all countries, particularly in the developing world.

Recognition by FAO Member Nations:

Qu-Dongyu’s efforts have been recognized by FAO member nations, leading to his re-election as the Director General. Out of 182 votes, he received an overwhelming majority of 168 votes. This re-election grants Qu-Dongyu another four-year term as the Director General of FAO, starting from August 1.

Qu-Dongyu’s Professional Background:

As a biologist by profession, Qu-Dongyu’s distinguished background has played a pivotal role in his leadership at FAO. Prior to his appointment as the Director General, he served as the vice minister of agriculture in China. His experience in the agricultural sector brings valuable expertise to FAO and contributes to achieving its objectives.

Overview of FAO:

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is an international body dedicated to addressing food security, hunger, and nutrition on a global scale. As a specialized agency of the United Nations, FAO was established on October 16, 1945, with its headquarters located in Rome, Italy. It operates under the parent organization of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. FAO consists of 195 members, including 194 countries and the European Union, working collaboratively to tackle food-related challenges worldwide.


Qu-Dongyu’s re-election as the Director General of FAO at the 43rd session of the conference marks an important milestone in his continued leadership and dedication to addressing global food security issues. With his background and experience in the agricultural sector, Qu-Dongyu is well-positioned to guide FAO in achieving its objectives and making a significant impact in the realm of food and agriculture.

43rd Session of UN Conference – FAQs

Q1: What are Qu-Dongyu’s achievements as Director General?

Ans: Since taking office, Qu-Dongyu has aggressively led the FAO in tackling issues related to global food security and advancing food and agriculture in all nations, particularly in developing nations. His efforts were rewarded by FAO member countries, which resulted in his reelection.

Q2: How long will Qu-Dongyu serve as the Director General of the FAO?

Ans: Re-election gives FAO Director General Qu-Dongyu a second four-year term in office. On August 1, he will begin serving a new term.

Q3: Who is Qu-Dongyu?

Ans: The FAO’s director general is Qu-Dongyu. During the 43rd meeting of the UN Conference, he was chosen to hold this role once more. In 2019, Qu-Dongyu, a biologist by training, was appointed as the position’s first Chinese citizen.


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