State Bank of India Inaugurates Transaction Banking Hubs on its 68th Foundation Day

On the occasion of its 68th foundation day, the State Bank of India (SBI) has unveiled a network of 34 Transaction Banking Hubs across 21 district centers in India. These hubs have been established to provide efficient and prompt Transaction Banking solutions to customers, offering comprehensive services under one roof.

Comprehensive Solutions for Customer Needs:

The State Bank of India aims to cater to all customer requirements and provide comprehensive solutions for their transaction, payment, and collection needs. By transforming its Transaction Banking services and Current Account-related offerings, the bank seeks to enhance the overall customer experience.

Dedicated Product Specialists and Seamless Connectivity:

The newly launched Transaction Banking Hubs will be staffed with dedicated product specialists who will assist business customers with their financial service needs. These hubs will leverage the synergies within the SBI Group, ensuring seamless connectivity with various business verticals and subsidiary companies.

Successes in the Current Account Segment:

During the inauguration, Chairman Dinesh Khara acknowledged the successful turnaround achieved by onboarding over 2000 Current Account (CA) customers on revamped CA variants. These variants offer attractive concessions on bundled Transaction Banking services, enhancing the value proposition for customers.

Impressive Market Share Growth:

Chairman Khara commended the staff for their remarkable progress in market share within the Current Account segment. The transformation initiatives implemented in the previous year have started yielding positive results. In March 2023, the bank witnessed a 1.06 percent increase in market share compared to the previous quarter, representing the highest growth among all banks.

Successful Pre-Launch Campaign:

The Bank’s pre-launch campaign conducted in June 2023 generated over 1000 crore deposits at the newly established Transaction Banking Hubs. This overwhelming response from customers indicates a positive reception and validates the bank’s efforts in expanding its services.


The inauguration of Transaction Banking Hubs by the State Bank of India marks a significant milestone in its ongoing commitment to enhancing customer-centric services. With these hubs, the bank aims to provide efficient and comprehensive Transaction Banking solutions to meet the diverse needs of its customers, further strengthening its position in the market.

Transaction Banking Hubs – FAQs

Q1: How will the Transaction Banking Hubs enhance customer experience?

Ans: To improve client experience, the State Bank of India plans to revamp its Transaction Banking services and current account-related offers. The hubs ensure effective and fast services by offering seamless communication with several business sectors and affiliate firms.

Q2: How has the State Bank of India performed in terms of market share growth?

Ans: In the current account area, the bank’s market share increased dramatically. Its market share increased by 1.06 percent in March 2023 compared to the prior quarter, the fastest growth rate among all banks.

Q3: How does the establishment of Transaction Banking Hubs align with the State Bank of India’s goals?

Ans: The launch of Transaction Banking Hubs highlights the bank’s dedication to modernising its products and increasing customer-centric services. It seeks to consolidate its market position by offering streamlined and effective banking products all under one roof.


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