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5 July Current Affairs 2023 in English

5 July Current Affairs 2023 refers to the latest news and events happening around the world and are relevant to our daily lives. Staying updated with the 5 July Current Affairs 2023 is essential for students who are preparing for exams, especially competitive exams, as it forms an important part of the syllabus. The importance…

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5 July Current Affairs 2023 refers to the latest news and events happening around the world and are relevant to our daily lives. Staying updated with the 5 July Current Affairs 2023 is essential for students who are preparing for exams, especially competitive exams, as it forms an important part of the syllabus. The importance of the 5 July Current Affairs 2023 lies in its ability to help students enhance their general knowledge, improve their reading and comprehension skills, and develop their critical thinking abilities. 5 July Current Affairs 2023 also provides students with insights into various issues such as politics, economics, and social issues that are important for their overall development as informed citizens. Regularly reading and analyzing the 5 July Current Affairs 2023 not only helps students ace their exams but also prepares them for their future roles as responsible and well-informed citizens of society.

India Claims SAFF Championship 2023 Title in Thrilling Penalty Shootout

The Indian men’s football team showcased an exceptional performance in the SAFF Championship 2023. They secured the championship title by winning a thrilling penalty shootout against Kuwait with a score of 5-4. This victory, held at Bengaluru’s Sree Kanteerava Stadium, marked their second consecutive triumph after winning the Intercontinental Cup.

As the hosts of the tournament, India displayed their dominance by remaining undefeated throughout the SAFF Championship 2023. They emerged victorious against Pakistan and Nepal in the group stage and managed a draw against Kuwait. In the semifinals, they overcame Lebanon in a penalty shootout and repeated the feat against Kuwait in an enthralling final.

The Indian team’s outstanding performance and dedication were recognized with a cash prize of USD 50,000 (equivalent to INR 41 lakh) and well-deserved medals. Similarly, the Kuwait football team exhibited commendable performance throughout the championship and received medals along with a cash prize of USD 25,000 (approximately 20 lakh) for their runner-up position.

Individual accolades were also presented to outstanding performers of the tournament. Nepal football team received the Fairplay Award, Anisur Rahman Zico was named the Best Goalkeeper, and Sunil Chhetri received the Highest Goal-Scorer award for scoring six goals. Sunil Chhetri was also recognized as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the championship.

The SAFF Football Championship, also known as the South Asian Football Federation Championship, is a biennial international football tournament that aims to promote and develop football in the South Asian region. The inaugural edition took place in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1993, with India emerging as the champions by defeating the host country in the final.

The SAFF Championship 2023 will be remembered as a significant milestone in Indian football history. The consecutive victories in the Intercontinental Cup and SAFF Championship have elevated the Indian men’s football team’s standing in international football. The tournament continues to inspire teams and players to strive for excellence and contribute to the growth of the sport in South Asia. Read the complete article here

World Badminton Day 2023 Observed on 5th July

World Badminton Day is celebrated annually on 5 July to mark the founding of the International Badminton Federation (now BWF) on this date in 1934. The day is a chance for badminton fans around the world to come together and celebrate the sport. The BWF has stated that the purpose of World Badminton Day is to “celebrate the sport of badminton and its many benefits, and to promote the sport to a wider audience.” The day is also seen as an opportunity to bring people together from all walks of life and to celebrate the diversity of the badminton community. Read the complete article here

World Zoonoses Day 2023 – Spreading Awareness about Zoonotic Diseases

World Zoonoses Day, observed annually on July 6th, commemorates Louis Pasteur’s groundbreaking achievement in preventing zoonotic diseases. It raises awareness about zoonotic diseases and promotes preventive measures. Zoonotic diseases can be transmitted from animals or insects to humans, and approximately 60% of human infections originate from them. Preventive measures include regular handwashing, controlling insects, safe food handling, maintaining animal hygiene, and avoiding close contact. World Zoonoses Day educates about the history, causes, and dangers of these diseases, emphasizing the need for awareness and safety measures. By taking these precautions, individuals can contribute to preventing zoonotic diseases and ensuring a healthier future for all. Read the complete article here

NADA India signed an MoU with SARADO in New Delhi

On July 3rd, NADA India (National Anti-Doping Agency, India) and SARADO (South Asia Regional Anti-Doping Organization) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The signing took place during the NADA India – SARADO Cooperation Meet in New Delhi. The recently signed MoU between NADA India and SARADO aims to enhance regional cooperation in anti-doping efforts in sports. Over the next three years, the collaboration plans to achieve several objectives.

During the inaugural session, the first Project Plan Meeting was conducted between NADA India and SARADO members. The primary focus was on developing an anti-doping education plan for the South Asian region. NADA India presented the project plan, areas of cooperation, implementation strategy, monitoring mechanisms, and its existing anti-doping education initiatives and resources. Additionally, the representatives from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka also provided an overview of anti-doping efforts in their respective countries. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the fight against doping in sports in the region. Read the complete article here

India’s Global Commercial Services Exports Share Doubles to 4.4%: WTO-World Bank Report

India’s trade performance in the global commercial services sector has significantly improved, with its share of exports doubling from 2% in 2005 to 4.4% in 2022. This growth is attributed to the rise of the services sector, reforms promoting foreign direct investment (FDI), and India’s recognition as a preferred destination for medical travel. The report also emphasizes the positive impact of cross-border services exports on job creation, the importance of upskilling and reskilling for future competitiveness, and the significant contribution of services value-added to India’s economy. Furthermore, digital transformation has played a crucial role in driving services trade, with digitally delivered services experiencing substantial growth. Read the complete article here

‘Mission Vatsalya’ Scheme for Rape Victims Minor Girls

The Central Government has initiated a new relief scheme called ‘Mission Vatsalya’ to address the plight of families with minor girls who have been victims of rape and subsequently become pregnant. The scheme aims to provide support and assistance to these families, recognizing the challenges they face and the need for comprehensive relief measures. Read the complete article here

Indian Football Stars Shine: Lallianzuala Chhangte and Manisha Kalyan Win AIFF Player of the Year Awards

Indian footballer Lallianzuala Chhangte honored as AIFF Men’s Footballer of the Year 2022-23, while Manisha Kalyan secures second consecutive Women’s Footballer of the Year. Chhangte’s impressive performances for the national team and Mumbai City FC earned him the award, while Kalyan’s consistency and talent led to her recognition. Their achievements highlight the growth of Indian football. Read the complete article here

Ajit Agarkar Appointed as Chairman of Senior Men’s Cricket Selection Committee

Ajit Agarkar has been chosen by the Board of Control of Cricket (BCCI) to serve as the chairman of the Senior Men’s Cricket Selection Committee. This decision was made by the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC), which includes Sulakshana Naik, Ashok Malhotra, and Jatin Paranjape. After conducting interviews with multiple candidates, Ajit Agarkar was unanimously selected for the position. As the new chairperson, Agarkar will lead the committee, which also includes Shiv Sundar Das, Subroto Banerjee, Salil Ankola, and Sridharan Sharath.

Ajit Agarkar brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having represented India in 26 Test matches, 191 ODIs, and four T20Is. He also has an impressive record in domestic cricket, playing 110 first-class matches, 270 List A matches, and 62 T20 matches. Notably, Agarkar was part of the victorious Indian squad in the inaugural T20 World Cup held in South Africa in 2007.

This appointment comes at a crucial time for Indian cricket, with the national team recovering from a significant defeat in the World Test Championship Finals and gearing up for the ICC World Cup 2023 scheduled for October-November. As the chairman, Agarkar will play a vital role in shaping the future of Indian cricket, guiding the selection committee in identifying and nurturing talent, and strategizing for upcoming tournaments.

Overall, Ajit Agarkar’s appointment signifies a notable development in Indian cricket administration, with his vast experience and leadership skills expected to contribute significantly to the team’s progress as they aim to bounce back from recent setbacks and prepare for the upcoming ICC World Cup 2023. Read the complete article here

New Swarnima Scheme For Women

The Swarnima Scheme is a term loan scheme launched by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment with the objective of providing financial assistance to women entrepreneurs belonging to backward classes. The scheme is designed to empower women by offering them social and financial security through term loans.

It aims to support women in starting their own businesses and becoming self-reliant, thereby contributing to their economic empowerment and overall socio-economic development. Through the Swarnima Scheme, women entrepreneurs can access financial resources to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and uplift themselves and their communities. Read the complete article here

SBI Celebrated its 68th Bank Day on 1st July

On July 1st, 2023, the State Bank of India (SBI) celebrated its 68th Bank Day. The bank, which was established by an Act of Parliament on July 1st, 1955, marked the occasion by organizing various programs across different centers throughout the country. Over the years, SBI has emerged as a leader in the banking sector, particularly in the areas of financial inclusion and providing banking services to all. The bank has been at the forefront of ensuring that banking services are accessible and available to people from all walks of life, irrespective of their socioeconomic background. Read the complete article here


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India Claims SAFF Championship 2023 Title in Thrilling Penalty Shootout

World Zoonoses Day 2023 – Spreading Awareness about Zoonotic Diseases

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