India to Host 5th World Coffee Conference in Bengaluru: A Gateway to Global Coffee Market

5th World Coffee Conference

In a significant milestone for the Indian coffee industry, India is preparing to host the prestigious 5th World Coffee Conference (WCC) in Bengaluru from September 25 to 28. This marks the first time that the conference, which attracts global buyers from over 80 countries, will be held in Asia. The primary objective of the event is to showcase India’s diverse coffees to an international audience while fostering innovative opportunities and markets, with a special focus on supporting coffee farmers who are pivotal in the coffee production chain.

Promoting Sustainability through Circular Economy and Regenerative Agriculture

At the heart of the 5th World Coffee Conference 2023 in Bengaluru is the theme “Sustainability through Circular Economy and Regenerative Agriculture.” The conference will host a variety of engaging activities, including conferences, exhibitions, skill-building workshops, a CEOs & global leaders forum, and a growers conclave. Participants from more than 80 countries are expected to attend this highly anticipated event.

Rohan Bopanna Named Brand Ambassador

The esteemed event is jointly organized by the International Coffee Organization (ICO) and the Coffee Board of India. The ICO serves as the leading intergovernmental organization dedicated to promoting coffee trade and fostering cooperation among coffee-producing and consuming nations. Adding to the excitement, the 5th World Coffee Conference will feature renowned tennis player Rohan Bopanna, who has been named its brand ambassador.

The International Coffee Organization (ICO): Pioneering the World Coffee Conference

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the World Coffee Conference, providing a platform for crucial discussions concerning the global coffee industry. With representatives from 77 Member Countries and over 900 attendees, including coffee growers and government officials, the conference serves as a dynamic forum for diverse perspectives.

Previous Editions of the World Coffee Conference

In the past, the World Coffee Conference has been successfully hosted in various locations:

  • 2001: England
  • 2005: Brazil
  • 2010: Guatemala
  • 2016: Ethiopia


The forthcoming 5th World Coffee Conference in Bengaluru is a remarkable opportunity for India to leave a lasting impact on the global coffee market. Embracing the theme of “Sustainability through Circular Economy and Regenerative Agriculture,” the conference is set to pave the way for a sustainable and thriving future in coffee production. With India as the first Asian host, the event holds immense promise in spotlighting India’s coffee diversity on the world stage and creating valuable opportunities for coffee growers and enthusiasts alike.

5th World Coffee Conference – FAQs

Q1: What is the objective of the conference?

Ans: The conference’s main goal is to introduce buyers from more than 80 countries to the wide variety of coffees produced in India while also paving the way for new markets and prospects. The conference also hopes to help coffee farmers, who are an important link in the cycle of coffee production.

Q2: Who is the brand ambassador for the conference?

Ans: Rohan Bopanna, a tennis player, has been selected the 5th World Coffee Conference’s brand ambassador.

Q3: What role does the International Coffee Organization (ICO) play in the conference?

Ans: The ICO is the main international body tasked with fostering cooperation between countries that produce and consume coffee. It is essential to the World Coffee Conference’s planning.


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