Indian Army to now have Common Uniform for Brigadier and Above Ranks

The Indian Army has introduced a notable update to its uniform regulations concerning senior officers holding the rank of Brigadier and above. The main objective behind this decision is to promote a unified identity and maintain the Indian Army’s values of fairness and equality. The decision was taken following in-depth deliberations during the Army Commanders Conference and extensive consultations with different stakeholders. By implementing this change, the Indian Army seeks to strengthen its sense of unity and cohesion among its senior officers and uphold the principles that define the organization.

Unifying Dress Code for Senior Flag Officers in the Indian Army

The Indian Army has made an important announcement regarding the uniform regulations for senior officers with the rank of Brigadier and above. To promote unity and equality, the headgear, shoulder rank badges, gorget patches, belts, and shoes for these officers will now be standardized across all units and services. Notably, they will no longer wear lanyards.

Strengthening Unity and Fairness: A New Uniform Regulation for Senior Officers in the Indian Army

This decision reflects the Indian Army’s commitment to fairness and upholding its core principles. By adopting a common uniform for higher-ranking officers, the Army aims to create a more cohesive and unified leadership, transcending regimental affiliations. This move fosters a collective sense of duty and purpose among these officers.

Uniform Continuity for Colonels and Lower Ranks

It is important to mention that while the uniform for Brigadier and above officers undergoes standardization, there will be no change in the uniform worn by Colonels and officers below that rank. This ensures that the rich tradition and diversity within the Indian Army are maintained while establishing a shared identity for senior officers.


Who is the current Army Chief?

The current Chief of the Army Staff of the Army is General Manoj Pande. He took office on April 30, 2022

Who is the current CDS?

The current Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) of India is  Lt Gen Anil Chauhan (Retd.).


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