Dell Technologies and Intel Collaborate to Establish AI Lab at Telangana Institute

Dell Technologies and Intel have partnered to establish an AI lab at the Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology in Telangana. The objective of this collaboration is to address the digital skills gap by integrating Intel’s ‘AI for Youth program into the institute’s curriculum. The initiative aims to empower students with AI expertise, preparing them for future job market demands and fostering an AI-ready ecosystem on campus.

Bridging the Skills Gap

Dell and Intel’s collaboration focuses on demystifying AI for the younger generation. By incorporating Intel’s ‘AI for Youth’ program into the existing curriculum, the initiative aims to equip students with digital skills that align with industry requirements, thereby reducing the skills gap.

Empowering Educators and Students

The partnership includes training for selected teachers by Intel, enabling them to effectively educate students on AI concepts. Students will benefit from a comprehensive AI curriculum, consisting of bootcamps, AI-Thons, virtual showcases, and other activities designed to enhance their AI skills.

Establishing an AI-Ready Ecosystem

An essential aspect of the collaboration is the establishment of an AI Skills lab on campus. This lab will provide students with hands-on experience and the opportunity to develop AI-driven solutions. It will foster innovation in emerging AI technologies such as natural language processing (NLP), computer vision, and statistical data analytics.

Creating Social Impact

Dell and Intel emphasize the importance of using AI for social good. By integrating AI into their projects, students will have the opportunity to develop innovative solutions that address real-time societal challenges. This approach promotes the ethical and responsible use of AI to drive positive change.

Expanding the Partnership

Dell and Intel have plans to extend their collaboration to other educational institutions across India. By partnering with additional schools and universities, they aim to create a nationwide community of AI-ready students who can effectively tackle future challenges and contribute to the technological advancement of the country.


The collaboration between Dell Technologies and Intel to establish an AI lab at the Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology in Telangana aims to bridge the digital skills gap. By integrating Intel’s ‘AI for Youth program and providing hands-on experience through the AI Skills lab, students will be equipped with the necessary AI expertise. This initiative not only prepares them for the job market but also promotes the ethical use of AI for social impact. With plans to expand the partnership, Dell and Intel aim to create a widespread community of AI-ready students who can contribute to India’s technological growth and effectively address future challenges.

AI Lab at Telangana Institute – FAQs

Q1: Are there plans to expand the collaboration beyond the current institute?

Ans: Yes, Dell and Intel intend to expand their partnership to more Indian educational institutions. The goal is to build a community of AI-ready students across the country who can successfully handle present difficulties and enhance the nation’s technical infrastructure.

Q2: How are educators and students empowered through this collaboration?

Ans: As part of the agreement, Intel will train a limited group of teachers so they can impart AI principles to kids in a meaningful way. A thorough AI curriculum that includes bootcamps, AI Thons, virtual showcases, and other events to improve AI skills benefits students.

Q3: What is the collaboration between Dell Technologies and Intel at the Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology?

Ans: To close the digital skills gap and equip students with AI knowledge, Dell Technologies, and Intel have teamed up to construct an AI lab at the Lords Institute of Engineering & Technology in Telangana.


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