National Law University (NLU) Delhi Launches a Research Affiliate Program called ‘Eklavya’

NLU Delhi, the National Law University in Delhi, has launched an innovative academic initiative called ‘Eklavya’ – a Research Affiliate program. This program is designed to enhance NLU Delhi’s collaborative efforts and leverage the expertise and diverse perspectives of individuals who may not possess traditional law degrees. By actively engaging with external partners, NLU Delhi aims to foster the development of high-quality legal scholarship that incorporates a wider range of experiences and knowledge. The ‘Eklavya’ program reflects NLU Delhi’s commitment to inclusivity and the pursuit of excellence in legal education and research.

About the Research Affiliate Program ‘Eklavya’

Why Name Eklavya?

The concept of Eklavya, derived from the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata, represents a timeless example of exceptional discipleship. Eklavya, who was initially denied the opportunity to learn archery by a renowned master, took it upon himself to acquire the skill through unconventional means outside the traditional Gurukul system of learning. His story embodies the remarkable ability to seek knowledge and assimilate it through alternative paths.

In today’s context, Eklavya serves as a symbol for the expectation that educational institutions should adopt a more inclusive approach. It highlights the importance of providing aspiring learners with the freedom to pursue their quest for knowledge, regardless of conventional barriers. Eklavya’s narrative inspires educational institutions to embrace diverse perspectives and unconventional methods in order to nurture the potential of every learner.

Reason Behind the Program and Its Benefits

Universities are traditionally seen as places where knowledge is created and nurtured within a restricted environment. However, there is a growing need to make universities more open and accessible for research and knowledge creation. The Research Affiliation Programme (RAP) by National Law University Delhi (NLU Delhi) aims to bridge the gap between legal academia and individuals engaged with the law outside of the university.

The RAP program invites those who work with the law in various capacities to collaborate with legal academia. This collaboration benefits both parties by incorporating perspectives that are not typically found within academia. In an interconnected world, the legal academy must open its doors to practitioners of law while maintaining academic rigor in the development of legal scholarship.

NLU Delhi is launching the RAP program with the goal of developing high-quality legal scholarship that draws extensively from the experiences and perspectives of individuals outside the university.


NLU Delhi has initiated the Eklavya program to find “Research Affiliates” and collaborate with them in producing excellent legal scholarship. The Research Affiliation Programme is open to individuals who have significant involvement with the law in their professional work, regardless of whether they hold a law degree or practice law in the traditional sense. The university aims to attract a diverse group of individuals engaged with the law, including those from interdisciplinary backgrounds.


  • Individuals must have a minimum of three years of provable experience working on issues closely related to the law.
  • The completion of an undergraduate degree should have occurred at least three years prior to the application.
  • If an applicant is employed full-time or part-time with any organization, firm, company, law chambers, government department, etc., they will need approval from their employer to participate in the fellowship if selected.
  • Self-employed individuals, freelancers, and independent consultants must provide a declaration of their status during the final selection process.
  • These eligibility conditions will be considered for initial application review, and additional criteria will be used to shortlist applicants for further stages of the application process.


Who was Eklavya?

Eklavya was a character in the epic Mahabharata. He was a young prince of the Nishadas, a confederation of forest and hill tribes in ancient India. He was a skilled archer who had trained himself in the forest, making an image of Dronacharya out of clay and practicing in front of it. When Dronacharya, the teacher of the Pandava and Kaurava princes, learned of Eklavya’s skill, he was impressed but also jealous. He demanded that Eklavya offer his right thumb as gurudakshina. Eklavya agreed, even though it meant that he would never be able to use a bow and arrow again.

What is NLU Delhi?

NLU Delhi, or the National Law University Delhi, is a public law university located in Delhi, India. It was established in 2008 by the Government of India. NLU Delhi is one of the most prestigious law schools in India, and it is ranked among the top law schools in the world.


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