AL-MOHED AL-HINDI 2023 Naval Exercise between India & Saudi Arabia

AL Mohed AL Hindi 2023

In a significant development in the defense collaboration between India and Saudi Arabia, the Indian naval ships INS TARKASH and INS SUBHADRA have reached Port Al-Jubail to kick-start the second edition of the naval exercise named ‘AL-MOHED AL-HINDI 2023.’ This visit marks the start of the harbor phase and signifies the strengthening of defense relations between the two nations. The exercise aims to enhance regional stability and promote cooperation in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf region. It reflects the growing partnership and mutual commitment to maritime security and defense cooperation between India and Saudi Arabia.

AL-MOHED AL-HINDI Naval Exercise

  • In 2021, India and Saudi Arabia conducted their first-ever joint naval exercise named the Al-Mohed Al-Hindi Exercise.
  • The decision to conduct this bilateral exercise was made during the Riyadh Summit in 2019.
  • The primary aim of the exercise is to enhance interoperability between the two navies through tactical maneuvers, search and rescue operations, and an electronic warfare drill.
  • The Indian Naval Ship (INS) Kochi participated in the inaugural edition of this naval exercise.
  • The exercise consists of various coastal and sea-based exercises, showcasing the increasing defense ties between India and Saudi Arabia.
  • This collaboration takes place amidst significant developments in the Gulf region, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and coordination between the two countries.

2nd Edition of AL-MOHED AL-HINDI Naval Exercise 2023

  • AL-MOHED AL-HINDI 2023: The naval exercise between India and Saudi Arabia began with the arrival of INS TARKASH and INS SUBHADRA at Port Al-Jubail.
  • Joint Exercises: The exercise involves a series of joint land and sea exercises conducted by the Indian and Saudi Arabian navies.
  • Objectives: The collaboration aims to enhance maritime security, promote information sharing, and improve interoperability between the two naval forces.
  • Warm Welcome: The officials of the Royal Saudi Naval Forces, Border Guards, and the Indian Embassy extended a warm welcome to the Indian ships, reflecting the friendly relations between the two countries.
  • Strengthening Defense Ties: The naval exercise and the ships’ arrival signify the strengthening of defense ties between India and Saudi Arabia.
  • Regional Stability: The cooperation contributes to regional stability in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf region, fostering trust, collaboration, and a secure maritime environment.


  • INS Tarkash is a warship of the Indian Navy.
  • It is a Talwar-class guided-missile frigate that was commissioned in 2012.
  • The ship is equipped with advanced weapons and systems, including surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles, anti-submarine warfare capabilities, and electronic warfare systems.
  • INS Tarkash plays a crucial role in enhancing India’s maritime security and conducting operations both in coastal areas and on the high seas.
  • The ship’s name, “Tarkash,” is derived from the Persian word meaning “quiver,” symbolizing its agility, speed, and readiness for combat.


  • INS Subhadra is a patrol vessel belonging to the Sukanya class and is currently accompanying INS Tarkash.
  • This versatile vessel has played a significant role as a test bed for the Dhanush ship-launched ballistic missile.
  • It has demonstrated its capabilities, highlighting its importance in enhancing India’s naval power and contributing to its maritime defense capabilities.


What is the latest maritime exercise in India?

India sent two warships to participate in the inaugural ASEAN-India maritime exercise (AIME-2023). AIME-2023 is India’s first joint exercise with ASEAN, although it has held separate exercises with ASEAN countries in the past. The harbor phase of the exercise will take place in Singapore’s Changi Naval Base from May 2nd to May 4th, 2023, and the sea phase will be held in the South China Sea from May 7th to May 8th, 2023. The primary objective of AIME-2023 is to promote collaboration and seamless operations in the maritime domain between the Indian Navy and ASEAN navies. 

What is the name of the India-Russia joint exercise?

INDRA is a series of joint military exercises conducted between the Indian Armed Forces and the Russian Armed Forces. It aims to enhance cooperation and interoperability between the two countries militaries and strengthen their bilateral defense relations. The INDRA exercises started in 2003 and have since been conducted annually, alternating between Russia and India as host countries.


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